Editing a Video? 8 Tricks to Spice up the Video Editing Process

Not everyone has the skills to edit a video. That doesn’t mean people can’t learn how to make engaging and interesting videos. It is easier to learn how to edit videos than most think!

If you are editing a video for the first time, you may feel apprehensive or clueless about how to approach it. However, you can do it! A common misconception is that it takes a lot of technical skill to edit videos.

You can learn technological skills. The most important part is that you have a vision for your video. If you are still feeling lost, check out these tips below to help you spice up the video editing process.

1. Use Good Software

What is a good video editing app? Or what is a good video editing software to download? You will find the answers to these questions here!

You can go with what you are comfortable with. Some software is more user-friendly than others or offers better features, but as long as you choose the software that you want to use, then you are sure to edit a great video.

Some options for different software include Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and others.

2. Add Some Music

Whether your video is an interview or short film, a documentary or a commercial, music is a must. Adding music makes your video more interesting. Even background music can make pauses seem less awkward and boring.

The visuals in your video and your music should match. Don’t add an EDM song when your visuals are of the countryside; it does not fit the tone too well. Time your music to what is happening in the visuals too.

Sometimes recording your sound is best if you don’t have permission to use certain music or sounds. You can record sound on your Mac.

3. Save Frequently

This goes for any project you work on, whether a video or a document. For videos, this is especially important. If your video software crashes, you can lose a lot of your hard work if you are not frequently saving.

A good tip is to save at least three copies in two different places with at least one copy on something like a hard drive. This is often called the 321 rule. If you follow this, you can guarantee you won’t lose your raw footage or your edited footage.

4. Add B-Roll When It Gets Boring

Sometimes, the visuals can get boring by themselves. This is common in many interviews or documentaries. To avoid this, add some B-roll shots!

B-rollis visuals that are not of your main speaking subject. For example, if your interviewee is speaking about the recycling program in your city, you can cut away from the shot of the interviewee. Their words can be a voiceover to shots of what recycling in your city looks like.

This also helps draw attention away from people’s filler words like “um” or “uh.”

5. No Fancy Effects or Transitions

It is so tempting to add fancy effects or transitions to your videos. It makes cutaways seem more interesting and fun. However, if you can, avoid those fancy effects and transitions.

Effects and transitions should match the overall tone of the piece and should remain simple. It allows the viewer to keep their attention on the actual content of your video rather than being distracted by unnecessary effects or transitions.

A simple cut is always the best. If you feel another type of transition or effect would work, give it a try! Then evaluate if it matches the purpose of your video.

6. Keep Added Text Simple

That cursive font looks pretty impressive, right? Think again. Keep your text simple rather than choosing a hard-to-read text.

More often than not, the simple text will do. Even for the title card or credits, keep the text readable. It also gives your video more of a polished and professional look than using another kind of font.

What kind of font is simple? Text in white and sans-serif font is your friend. The text should be obvious but not flashy.

7. Tell a Good Story

A video, whether it is a short film or an interview, is still a story. Strong storytelling skills will make your video engaging and thought-provoking.

If your footage does not fit the overall story or point of your video, cut it out. Extra, unnecessary footage will eat up time and make the video pace lag. This goes for unneeded transition effects too.

Focus on the goal of your video rather than how to make it appear impressive. If you do that, you will create a video people love to watch. Simplicity and focus are key to good video creation!

8. Go for It!

The last tip is to go for it! Trust your instincts. You are the video creator, so you know better than anyone what you want your result to be for your video.

Getting feedback from others is good, but only take the advice you think will help improve your video. Take risks and have fun making your video!

Editing a Video

Editing a video is not easy work, but it can be rewarding. Stay patient with yourself and follow the tips above. You are guaranteed to have a great video worth watching!

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