Effective and Safe Weight Loss: It’s More Mental Than Anything Else

everyone makes these resolutions to lose weight, and understandably so. The holidays of the previous year have caused many of us to put on some extra pounds

Every time a new year comes, everyone makes these resolutions to lose weight, and understandably so. The holidays of the previous year have caused many of us to put on some extra pounds, therefore, what better time than the start of a new year to start some new weight loss habits? This way of thinking makes perfect sense, it’s just that these resolutions oftentimes fall through within the first few months of the new year, never to be revisited, in some cases.

The thing about resolutions is that making them is much easier than keeping them. According to performancehealth.com, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first year, and 20% of them are broken within the first week of January. And that’s the thing about making these resolutions… There’s a mental component being neglected somewhere. That’s why it’s easier to make the resolution than it is to keep it.

Oftentimes, when people make the decision to lose weight, and this is whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or not, they don’t have the right mind frame to do it; They think they’ve made their mind up to do it but their way of approaching weight loss isn’t strong enough.

If you’re looking to start your weight loss journey, congratulations! But understand it’s a mental journey more than anything else. Yes, you can start your journey on the best green juice cleanse for weight loss, but understand that juice cleanses require dedication and consistency, so if you’re not mentally prepared or can’t keep the bigger picture at the forefront of your mind, nothing will work for you, and you’ll continually start and stop your efforts.

Once you can lockdown mental factors the physical aspects of weight loss will come and become sustainable for you. If you’re looking to lose weight, here are some mental factors to consider to ensure you have an effective and sustainable weight loss journey.


Mental Considerations With Weight Loss

Set Realistic Goals

All too often, when we make the decision to lose weight, and we start setting our weight loss goals, we get a little overzealous in our endeavors and end up setting ourselves up for failure before really giving ourselves a fair shot at weight loss.

When setting weight loss goals, especially with fitness and exercise, you have to be true to yourself as far as your level of fitness. Even in the smallest of your efforts. For instance, if you join a gym and get on the treadmill, you can’t hop on there and start at a pace of 3.2! You’ll exhaust yourself within the first 30 seconds. 2.0 is a good walking level to start with for novice level fitness.


Don’t Rely Too Heavily on the Scale

Yes, you’re on a weight loss journey but oftentimes on weight loss journeys, the scale isn’t reflective of the efforts that have been put forth, but that’s not always a bad thing.

For one, everybody’s body is different and it loses weight differently too. So, if you’ve been exercising and eating healthy but the scale shows that you’ve gained weight, there’s no need to panic. What’s more than likely happened is you’ve gained muscle mass, which is good. In this instance, you probably have lost weight but your muscle gain is overshadowing the weight loss.

That’s why you can rely too much on the scale. Consider using a tape measure to track the inches you’ve lost. Also, look at the clothes you used to not be able to fit… Those are a tell-tale sign of progress!


Take Your Time

Weight loss isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time for your body to get adjusted to your new lifestyle habits, plus, you have to give yourself time to get adjusted, mentally as well. That means that if you’ve been eating healthy but slip and eat a burger one day, you can’t beat yourself up about it, and more importantly, you can’t give up because of it.

The sooner you can get it in your mind to take your time on this journey, the sooner you’ll see results and the stronger your mind will be to keep pushing.


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