Effective Push Marketing Tactics To Gain More Visitors Online

Push strategy usually involves tactics that force people in watching your ad despite their wants. You interrupt their flow and make them watch until the end so that they can resume their activity. You aren’t the twee they are interested in but you’re the tweet ad they have to read during their stream.

You certainly aren’t the song they want to watch but they have to pre-roll your ad to get to their desired video.

Either you can attract the user towards your product/service or can unintentionally feed them with the need for your product/service. But how to create effective push strategies that don’t seem forceful.

How to devise an effective push strategy?

In order to devise an effective push strategy, one needs to clearly understand the lifetime value of a customer. What is customer lifetime value exactly? Customer lifetime value is actually the amount of money you’re going to make from a customer throughout their lifetime.

For example, Cox communications are earning an average profit of $100 per customer per year from Cox cable internet service, and the customer utilize the service for typically five consecutive years before they want to try some other better service, the customer’s lifetime value will be that of $500.

Calculating average lifetime value is highly important for push marketing as it is more costly than pull marketing. Going back to the mentioned example, if the average customer lifetime value is $500 then it would be a bad idea to spend $501 for push marketing just to get some new customers which would hold the average lifetime value of $500.

You’ll be losing $1 for every such customer. Keep this simple idea in mind and let’s move on to the effective push marketing tactics which will surely drive you positive results.

4 Effective Push Marketing Tactics

The idea of push marketing is quite simple but its implementation can get really tricky. Adopting the right tactics for it is highly important as push marketing is costly as compared to pull marketing tactics.

So we have gathered the four most effective push marketing tactics which deliver guaranteed results.

1. Purchase Ads

It may not seem like a growth hacking technique but ads certainly are an effective place to hack your way to the wide distribution of products or services. But if you just purchase your ads, there will be less room for creativity; you will have limited options to gain an edge and the process of multivariate testing will be totally missed.

In order to gain full benefit from the purchase ads, keep in mind the following approaches:

  • Understand all the possible options for your Ad platforms: There are several platforms to purchase ads. Most people are only familiar with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But there are several other options too. There are specific niche ad networks too which will allow you to target a specific audience.
  • Understand all the technicalities of your chosen platform
  • Consider various personas of customers before purchasing ads
  • Avoid the Ad networks if possible: It will get you the cheapest Ad rates because it will cut the middleman
  • Test different styles of your ads to test their potential

2. Swapping Promos with other companies

The other best and most effective method to gain more visitors is through cross-promotional strategies with different companies. This way you will be widening the scope of audience targeting.

If you find a company with the same targeting audience as yours, they won’t consider you a threat rather they’ll collaborate with you. It will be like helping each other. Various techniques for swapping promos are:

  • Promote one another through social media promotions
  • Utilize email swapping method to attract the audience
  • Giveaway swapping is a very common and effective method
  • Exchange of banner ads to encourage visits
  • Pre-roll video swapping is also another old yet effective technique

3. Affiliate marketing

Another effective way to push people towards your platform is by hiring affiliates. This is a very simple arrangement where you pay an influencer to promote your product or service. It can help you target a specific type of audience that you weren’t able to reach before.

Here are a few things you should do before utilizing influencer marketing for yourself:

  • Give proper thought to incentives
  • Do not try to roll your own affiliate solutions
  • Provide your affiliates with proper knowledge of your service and products

4. Direct Sales

You all must be thinking about how direct sales can fall under the category of growth hacking tactics. Well, it really isn’t one of them but is really effective for a particular type of industry. Direct sales through phone calls can prove to be really helpful in expanding the scope of your business manually.

I recently came across a start-up named AppStack which was able to grow its revenue by 50k a month through direct phone call sales.

Key takeaways from the discussion

  • Push strategy would require you to interrupt the consuming content
  • Push marketing is usually costly
  • Since money is directly involved with the push tactics, you need to take customer lifetime value into serious consideration

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