Effective Strategies to Get More Plays On SoundCloud

SoundCloud has become one of the most sought after platforms for publicizing your music and getting recognition in the music industry. A variety of artists uploads their songs and album on SoundCloud and has a stream of SoundCloud followers who listen to their music and start following them on the platform. While this platform offers a countless number of benefits to every music artist, there are a number of strategies to use when looking to get more music plays on SoundCloud.

Getting more music plays on SoundCloud will allow you to grow a fan base over time and it will help people gain access to your music. In this article, we will be discussing some of the strategies to employ when looking to get more music plays on SoundCloud.

Here are five key strategies to get more plays on SoundCloud:

1- Market your music on social media: In today’s world, the availability of different social media platforms has made it easier for people to market their services and this opportunity is also made available to musicians.  If you are looking to get more music plays on SoundCloud, you must employ the use of social media marketing. There are different social media platforms to use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.  Asides using these social media sites directly for promoting your music, your SoundCloud followers can also share your links, songs and music trailers on a variety of social media platforms.

2- Grow your fan base inorganically: Growing your fan base inorganically is one effective strategy for getting more SoundCloud plays. One way you can achieve this is to buy plays for SoundCloud. Investing in likes and plays is an effective marketing strategy and this strategy has also been used by a variety of companies. You can get started by using the services of reliable social media marketing companies, we have a variety of companies that offer you genuine followers as well as SoundCloud plays. Growing your fan base inorganically is quite affordable and it will also help in getting more SoundCloud plays.

3- Send email Newsletter to subscribers: After you have grown a fan base and you have an email list of your followers, you should always send an email newsletter to your followers about the release of a new song. In order to get faster results, you can add the link to your SoundCloud music in the email newsletter. Using this technique will yield faster results and get you more plays. In case you don’t have a long list of email addresses, you can start by blogging and getting more subscribers, creating a fan page or collecting an email list of fans after your show.

4- Make your music free to download: When you offer a free download, your music will get more publicity which will attract more listeners on the platform. This is one of the basic methods of getting more views on SoundCloud. Every music aficionado wants to listen to interesting music and also download the music on their mobile device. Making your music available for download puts you ahead of the competition.

5- Join SoundCloud groups and grow a SoundCloud Community: Joining SoundCloud groups is an effective strategy and this feature is also free, you can join as many groups on the platform and promote your music on these groups, sharing your tracks on these groups will help to facilitate the process of getting more SoundCloud plays. Asides from getting more SoundCloud plays, you will also be opportune to get feedback from listeners and determine which style works. By joining groups and creating a community will immensely help you to get more SoundCloud Followers.

These effective strategies will facilitate you in getting more plays on SoundCloud where you can get instant recognition for your music.

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