Effective Techniques To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally

Termites are small and similar in appearance to ants, making it easy to overlook the fact that they cause billions of dollars worth of damage to property every year. The simple truth is that one termite colony can live under your home and in just five months it will eat through approximately six inches of 2×4 wood.

It’s easy to see why they cause structural issues. You should note that it is possible to have multiple colonies living under your house and they often go undetected for months.

That’s why you need to get the experts to inspect your house regularly. The earlier the presence of termites is spotted the easier it will be to eliminate them and minimize the damage caused.

However, people are generally more aware of the effects of their actions on the environment. This makes it essential to use natural methods to eliminate termites. Fortunately, there are several options worth considering.

The professionals

If you look around you’ll find examples of termite control specialists that utilize environmentally friendly methods to control and eliminate termites. They will offer solutions such as bait traps. These provide food for the colony. Once the colony marks the bait trap as a good source of food the bait is switched to a toxic version.

However, it should be noted that the toxicity of the bait is less than table salt. In short, it won’t harm the environment, you, or your pets. But, it will effectively eliminate the colony.

Boric Acid

Another option is to use boric acid. This is a natural substance that damages the hard outer shell of the termite and disrupts its intestinal system. Damage to the outer layer will cause dehydration while internal damage will prevent them from absorbing nutrients.

In short, it will kill them. Because the colony works together the termites that find the boric acid will carry it back to the colony, feeding the other termites and effectively killing the entire colony. Of course, it will need to be verified that the colony has been destroyed.

Boric acid is also effective against ants, cockroaches, and an array of other insects.

It should be noted that boric acid is predominantly found in volcanic regions although it is also present in seawater!

The best way to use boric acid is to coat the wood near the area you have seen termites. Specifically, coat floorboards and the beams that support them. If it is working you’ll see dead termites in these areas.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is an effective deterrent to termites and can eliminate small infestations. The oil is taken from the peel of the orange and, in tests killed 70% of the termites it came into contact with. It is thought that it clogs the outer surface of the termite, preventing their bodies from working properly.

All you need to do is put approximately 20 drops of orange oil in a spray bottle of water and spray anywhere that you think has a termite infestation. Repeat the process every day to get the best results.

Nematode Worms

Nematodes are a type of worm that hunts termites and eats them. The worm is found in a variety of places across the globe, usually near where termites live. It is environmentally friendly, and eats termites, but presents no danger to humans or pets. All you have to do is release the worms in the area where you think the termites are, they will do the rest for you.

The best way to release nematodes is to add them to a bottle of water, they are surprisingly small. You can then spray the water with nematodes on all affected surfaces and near the main colony. Repeat daily and the nematodes should have completed the job within a couple of weeks. You will see dead termites, this confirms the worms are doing their job.

Diatomaceous Earth

This naturally occurring compound comes from fossils in the ground and can be found in abundance across the planet. It has microscopic sharp edges, making it harmless to humans and pets. But, to a termite it is deadly. The sharp edges cut their outer skin, causing them to dehydrate and die.

You’ll need to use food-grade diatomaceous earth to ensure there are no side effects for you and your family. You can sprinkle the powder in infected areas, around the colony, and even at entry points to keep the termites out.

It will take 2-3 weeks to eliminate a colony.

Final Thoughts

The above techniques will eliminate termites naturally. However, to be sure that you have eliminated them all it is advisable to have the professionals check your home. They can advise if the termites are dead, specifically if the queen has been destroyed, and help you defend your home against future termite invasion.

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