Effective ways Of Stopping Hunger in the World

When is the first time you slept hungry? Yesterday, last week, last month, or maybe last year. While others have enough food and know little about hunger, some have lived and are living with hunger. Simply put, sleeping hungry isn’t a joke. It is characterized by long nights. And when it strikes children, things can be dire. It can cause untold suffering.

That’s why you have the responsibility of stopping world hunger. However, individual efforts won’t solve the world hunger crisis. It calls for concerted efforts. Plus, it takes certain bold measures to stop world hunger. Here are the top ways people can eradicate world hunger for good.

Sustainable Food Supply

Food is a basic need and without it, people can’t survive. That’s why different organizations are trying all they can to transform the agricultural sector. They fund various projects so that people can provide food for their families in a sustainable way. This, in turn, helps impoverished areas not to depend on foreign aid, but instead create their own, stable, food supply.

Food Donations

Getting the whole world to a point of self-sustainability isn’t something easy. It can’t happen overnight. So, in the meantime, it’s better to lend a helping hand to those who are in dire need. Donating food, cash, and shelter can be of significant help. Last year alone, organizations like Food raised a whopping $60 million to combat world hunger.

Access to Loans

There are currently numerous organizations that are helping people in poor nations to gain access to credit. This has led to the creation of many industrial projects, including farms, which help in creating sustainable provision for the poor and also developing countries economically. Without access to credit, these people won’t be able to start up industries and businesses that combat poverty. Access to credit facilities has significantly reduced child hunger in America.


Education is the best way to fight poverty and hunger. And it’s particularly useful in underdeveloped countries. With education, society has access to better opportunities, income, as well as food. Of course, this might look like a basic idea in powerful countries like the U.S., but it’s a life-saver in most underdeveloped nations.

Women Empowerment

Research has shown that gender inequality has a direct correlation with hunger. Empowering women to be providers of food and lead their families has positively impacted food access. It has also changed most families’ financial situations.

Eradication of Poverty

Most families struggling with poverty need assistance transitioning into a state of self-dependence. Several organizations can help with the transition, and this includes the 15 Feeds Family. They provide needy families with food and then slowly find sustainable solutions to empower them to become self-sufficient. Self-dependence allows people to earn a certain food income while relying on food donations doesn’t usually guarantee food.

Urban Farming

Most of the undernourished people reside in urban areas. Recently there has been so much advocating for urban farming. This has been proven to empower such families to build their stable food sources.

The Bottom-Line

World hunger is a monster. It has caused the world a lot of pain. From deaths to untold suffering at the hands of malnutrition-related diseases in kids, world hunger is people’s enemy number one. That’s why you have a role to play when it comes to stopping it. The above are ways the world hunger kids can be stopped for a better tomorrow.

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