5 Effects Cannabis Has on Dental Health

As studies continue to mount and pop up, the public is becoming continually aware of both the highs and lows of getting high. Using cannabis has been found to have multiple health benefits, but the downside can also be costly to you. Read more.

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Seeing you here indicates one thing – you want to be extra cautious about the health effects of cannabis on you. You have probably heard the plethora of benefits out there heaped on the green plant. Perhaps your zombie-eyed charming long-term smoking buddy has even mentioned how cannabis will save you from cancer. While it’s hilarious to listen to all the myths and misconceptions out there about the hemp plant, it’s more important to analyze the benefits and defects it might have on you.

There has arisen a global movement in the past two decades that has forced governments to legalize cannabis. Most states, however, only allow medical cannabis to be sold, which can only be obtained with a prescription. Others set a CBD Pure Ratio to be applied to cannabis products. It’s important to note that these governments have taken it upon themselves to legalize cannabis only through research indicating the medical and economic benefits of the plant.

Whereas some only use the CBD component of weed, the majority prefer it when it comes to a good dosage of THC, which is the psychoactive component. It seems like everyone wants to get high!

Weighing The Pros Vs. The Cons of Cannabis

A new JAMA Psychiatry study has come to prove the public mentality right: weed has minimalistic negative health effects on an individual. Nonetheless, even with the prevalent research out there, there is still insufficient research to reach a thorough conclusion on the health effects of cannabis. It is because research participants usually mix marijuana with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; therefore, differentiating the health effects of each becomes impossible; thus, the popularized health benefits of cannabis.

That notwithstanding, increased studies show little physical defects brought about by weed: this includes cholesterol levels, lung function, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body mass index. However, significant dental effects were experienced by users. The smoke not only interferes with the enamel but also affects the gum causing mild to severe gum disease. These could arise through any of the following methods in cannabis and teeth:

1. The Wilderness Effect

Supposing it’s not your first time to go green, you’ve probably experienced a desperate drying effect in your mouth that probably makes you drink enough water to shame an elephant. This is because THC alters the cholinergic system, which is associated with saliva production. It is a common science saliva that helps fight bacteria. Since the salivary glands are producing less, acids will not be neutralized, and bacteria will grow freely. Oral care becomes important at this point.

2. Hunger Drive

Even if you’ve never touched a blunt in your life, you have heard of the ‘munchies’ effects of cannabis. It should probably be a red alert for you next time you are on a date, and your partner starts devouring food like there’s a coming drought, and if they laugh uncontrollably at the silliest of jokes – unless you’re too high to take note yourself.

The large food intake due to the appetite stimulant in THC, without proper oral hygiene, will result in bacterial attacks, which may take time to show. It is important to consult your dentist first if you have decided to do weed. You must inform them if you have decided to take a dentist’s visit while high and mellow.

3. The Browning Effect

No kind of smoking will bring any benefits to your teeth and gums, especially. A 2005 Austrian Journal concluded that cannabis generally results in poor oral health for users. The smoke stains the enamel, which will be visible in the long term. It also reacts with saliva forming acids, which leads to demineralization.

4. Yummies Yuckies!

As if you thought that was everything, did you know that edibles will also negatively affect your dental health? The sugary gummies increase the chances of tooth decay and cavities while loosening your enamel.

5. Other Effects

It doesn’t end there. Smoking cannabis can quantify precancerous conditions and even lead to lesions. It comes about when inflammations due to combustion interfere with the oral soft tissues. Instead of smoking marijuana, try cannabis mouth spray, which allows you to enjoy the same health benefits of cannabis without the associated risks.


As you can see, you would rather opt for other methods of intake if you have to stick to weed. Vaping has been found to reduce smoke effects significantly. Make sure you continue applying oral hygiene, including regularly brushing your teeth and using mouthwash extracts to kill bacteria. Chewing gum on a regular even when high will positively influence saliva levels. You can also consider Dronabinol, which is a cannabis pill for pain.

Whatever you do, don’t get carried away by the momentary pleasure and get blinded to the effects – it might be too costly for you. Have you noticed any changes in your oral health since you started using it? Tell us in the comment section, and we will offer you our help.
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