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The Pros & Cons of an Electric Bike vs. Electric Skateboard

Electric-powered vehicles are proving to be the way to go in modern personal transportation. From electric bikes to electric skateboards, I’m sure you’ve come across these in your neighborhood and around town. 

While you can never go wrong by choosing either of the two, there are notable differences that make each ride unique in its way. This is something you might want to consider if you want to make a more meticulous decision between the two. 

So, if you are searching for a reliable way to commute to work, this post looks at the pros and cons of an electric bike vs an electric skateboard.

Characteristics of an Electric Bike

Characteristics of an Electric Bike
Characteristics of an Electric Bike

Electric bikes function just like their regular counterparts. They come with pedals, brakes, and handlebars; the only thing is that they incorporate a motor and battery to offer a boost in propelling the bike forward. 

This means you don’t have to strain when riding the e-bike, allowing you to sustain the ride longer. But the electric components don’t replace human effort altogether, rather they complement your pedaling to make for a more comfortable biking experience. 

Parts of an Electric Bike

The electric components on an electric bike are what differentiates it from a conventional bicycle. These serve to build on the human power needed to move the bike (pedaling), allowing for easier operation. 

The major parts that separate e-bikes from normal bikes include:

  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Controller
  • Throttle

Characteristics of an Electric Skateboard

Characteristics of an Electric Skateboard
Characteristics of an Electric Skateboard

Similar to e-bikes, electric skateboards share several similarities with their conventional versions, except for the electric components used to power the vehicle. As far as the operation is concerned, the major variance comes in the way the two types of boards accelerate and brake. 

While regular skateboards need to be pushed using the foot to accelerate, e-skateboards use a handheld remote control to accelerate. This is also the situation when it comes to bringing the board to a stop. 

Parts of an Electric Skateboard

E-skateboards are designed with all the basic parts you’ll find on an ordinary skateboard such as wheels, decks, trucks, ball bearings, etc. However, they also incorporate electric components to make things easier for the rider. 

When it comes to powering the e-skateboards, the electric components entirely replace human effort, which is not the case in e-bikes. This means riders don’t have to move a muscle when using an e-skateboard. 

The major parts of an electric skateboard include: 

  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Remote control
  • Electronic speed controller
  • Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

Visit for a detailed breakdown of the electric components of an e-skateboard.

Pros and Cons of E-bikes vs Electric Skateboards

Both electric bikes and skateboards come with unique pros and cons that help to differentiate the experiences of riding them. Let us take a look at some of these below: 

Electric Bike Pros

Electric bikes continue to grow in popularity around the globe because of their overall convenience. The following are the benefits of owning an electric bike:


Electric bikes are a cost-effective mode of personal transportation. Although they may have a high initial investment, they will save you a lot down the line. Compared to a car, e-bikes don’t need constant gasoline refills and the cost of recharging a battery is just a fraction of what you pay for gas.

Easy to Ride

Electric bikes take the strain out of regular bike riding. Thanks to the motor assistance provided, you only need to put in a little pedaling effort to propel the bike. If the e-bike has a throttle, you don’t even have to lift a finger, which makes for a more easy-going and stress-free riding experience.

Allow You to Ride Longer and Go Further

The pedal-assist system in electric bikes allows you to conserve energy during riding. Because of this, it will be a while before you start feeling tired. This also helps to enhance your stamina, enabling you to ride longer and get to further destinations. Even though the duration of your ride may be limited by the range of the battery, you can still get spare batteries for e-bike to make the most of the ride. 

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike automobiles, electric bikes don’t emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. They are a clean way of commuting that helps to reduce pollution while also helping to conserve the environment. If you are environmentally conscious, buying an e-bike is a great way to care for the planet.

Electric Bike Cons


Electric bikes come with a hefty price tag; a decent quality e-bike can be around four times the cost of a regular bike. The high initial investment required to purchase a new e-bike is what keeps many people from getting a unit. 


The addition of electric components on an e-bike increases the overall weight of the bike compared to an ordinary bike. Because of this, you might have a challenge carrying it into the back of your truck for transportation or upstairs for storage. The same is true when the battery runs out in the middle of the journey and you have to ride the bike back home.

Long Charging Time

On average, most electric bike batteries need around 4 hours to fully recharge. This long wait can adversely interrupt your ride and even cause some people to pull the plug on the adventure. On the bright side, you can always invest in a backup battery for the continuity of your ride.

Pros of Electric Skateboards


Electric skateboards are one of the most compact modes of transportation you can find. This makes them quite convenient when you want something to carry everywhere you go. A standard e-skateboard can easily fit inside a backpack and allows you to walk into the subway when you’re tired of riding. 

Great for Beginners

For enthusiasts looking to join the exciting sport of skateboarding, e-skateboards are the best place to start. Riders can learn how to balance on the board without having to push, which can easily throw you off. The same applies when you need to accelerate or brake, and this makes for a more approachable learning process.

Electric Skateboard Cons

Prone to Damage

Electric skateboards ride very close to the ground and this exposes the delicate electric components to damage. In case it rains or you have to take off-road trails, the electric components are easily exposed to water, dust, small rocks, and other debris that can easily damage them. 


Just like e-bikes, electric skateboards are also quite expensive. While they are generally cheaper than e-bikes, a nice quality e-board will set you back anywhere between $500 and $2000, which is not pocket change.


If you’re torn between buying an electric bike and an electric skateboard, the post above should help you make a more informed decision. Depending on your needs and preferences, they will both make a reliable commute vehicle. 

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