Electricity Trivia: Things You Might Not Know About Electricity

Electricity is everywhere around us. It is needed to give us light, to cook, to shower, and even to use our phones. However, not everyone would know these interesting facts about electricity that we are about to show you. Even the most dedicated trivia buff might not know some of these interesting facts!

The Speed of Electricity

Did you know that electricity travels as fast as light? Electricity travels at about 300 million meters per second, and how does it do that? Well, let’s break it down to the basics. Electricity currents are formed by the movements of electrons, which are minute little molecules that flow as the electrical current.

These electrons are negatively charged particles which brings the flow of currents from the source to the receiver. When no energy is supplied, the electrons move at a very slow rate.

However, when an energy source is supplied, for example, when you switch on the light, these little molecules can start traveling fast from the power source and into the bulb to lighten up the room. This transfer of energy from one source to another allows electricity to help us to work and to complete simple chores.

LED Lights Can Save Almost 80% of Electricity

Most of us have probably made the change to LED lights instead of the traditional tungsten bulb mainly because it is more cost-efficient and energy-saving. This is because as the light bulb constantly lights up when we use it, it generates and releases a lot of heat, which is energy lost and thus this lost energy is wasted as we don’t get to consume.

Therefore, many people and even the government have been pushing for the use of LED which uses much less energy brings about brighter lights, and is also more durable for long term usage.

While talking about energy saving, energy wastage is also a problem that is being tackled by many countries. In the United Kingdom alone, about 54% of electricity is wasted every year due to the lack of conscious effort by the citizens.

Every one of us has probably wasted electricity before when we forgot to turn off the lights after leaving the house or have left the stove running for too long. To counter this, many countries have started to pan out more environmentally saving devices such as refrigerators or air conditioning which use less energy.

Saving electricity also means you’ll save more money on your utility bill. For even more savings, check out the best Singapore electric retailer now!

Lighting is a Huge Discharge of Electricity

Now, everyone knows and has probably seen and heard thunder and lightning in the sky during a storm. Most of you also know that lightning in the sky can cause things like a power shut-off if it strikes the power cables. This is because lightning is a gigantic electrical current! Every day, we often see clouds moving in the sky, and as the weather changes daily, the water molecules and ice are pushed high into the sky by hotter winds and it then falls back into our atmosphere due to gravity.

As a result of this constant movement and prolonged movement of the molecules, it can become squeezed and over time, an electrical charge would accumulate. This is not a problem during a bright and sunny day, however, when the weather turns bad and rain and wind come into play, it can cause the separation of charges and cause an enormous current that passes through the clouds, forming what we call a bolt of lightning.

Electric Cars Aren’t As Modern an Idea As You Might Think

Seemingly new to the market, many think of electric cars as a new invention to save the earth by reducing petrol consumption. However, electric cars have always been a thing since the 1930s, and until the 70s when cars became a plausible driving device.

Since then, many car manufacturers have been into the concept of petrol-less cars as they aim to attract consumers who are more environmentally friendly.

This drive for electric vehicles has made the cars very friendly and even more cost-efficient for many drivers. It has been predicted that electric vehicles will take up to one-third of the cars driving around.

Most of the World’s Electricity Comes From Burning Coal

With that being said, the contradiction is where electricity comes from. The highest proportion of the source of electricity comes from coal! This occurs in the power station where the coal is being burnt and the generator would then generate electrical currents to the whole country.

Seems like electrical cars may not be that strong in saving the world, with the high consumption of electrical energy from unsustainable sources. However, as countries recognize the importance of being clean and green, many have sought alternative sources to coal such as through the use of wind, solar, and water energy.

Shocking Electric Eels

When talking about electricity, we definitely can’t miss this big player, the electric eel! The electrical eel is one of the most dangerous marine creatures with its ability to cause more than 500 volts of electricity which is more than enough to kill a human being.

The human being is about 70% water, which makes us a perfect conductor of electricity, and when in contact with high electrical energy, it can send current through our body and cause many harmful effects and even death if it passes through our heart.

But not all electricity that passes through the heart is bad. One famous example of this case is the pacemaker. Our heart has a natural pacemaker that instructs the heart when to beat. This is a cluster of cells that allows your heart to function and beat as you go about your daily routine.

With all this new information about electricity, its uses, and its history, everyone can now make more informed choices about our electricity usage and be more conscious of our efforts to make the world more environmentally friendly.

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