Elevate Every Space: How to Curate High-End Paintings for a Refined Home

Nothing shouts extravagance more than artwork in luxurious decor, especially if you can discuss the artist in-depth and celebrate the creative process underlying each piece. 

Many homeowners associate color, shape, style, and material with interior design. However, combining these components calls for a further degree of attention to detail, a perfect implementation of proportions, and appropriate placement. Even if you have all the necessary pieces to establish a living space, poor execution might still result in visual flaws.

One of the simplest ways to enhance the appearance and feel of a space without making it crowded or losing its feeling of coherence is with statement art, such as art pieces from the Delray Beach art gallery

You can use other methods to tell a story with art beyond abstract works or gallery walls. Here’s a guide to adding high-end paintings to your home to give it character and history.

Remove Clutters

It’s a straightforward fix, but keeping your home neat and clutter-free may do wonders for your efforts to design an exquisite setting. Maintaining order seems simple, but it can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have young children present. To avoid this, ensure you have plenty of beautiful storage options that complement the room’s design.

The same is true of decorations, works of art, antiques, and similar items. It may be tempting to display the beautiful things you’ve gathered over time in your living spaces so that visitors may admire your good taste and beautiful collections. However, you might create the opposite impression of a polished house.

A well-known secret to success is spotlighting a few vintage artifacts. It helps you concentrate on a few outstanding pieces rather than diverting attention to a cluttered space.

The idea here is to allow the unique pieces to shine and use the fewer, the more decorative approach. If you possess too many art pieces but aren’t ready to give them up forever, you can save them until later when you want a fresh and vintage look.

Desirable Window Treatments

Full-length drapes give a room a considerably more personalized and opulent sense. But more crucially, installing the curtain rod high will give the appearance of higher ceilings, and elegant interiors are undoubtedly connected with high ceilings.

Place the rod far and at maximum length if you’re using curtains. To give your curtain strips a more opulent appearance, ensure they are broad and have enough cloth.

If you can’t use long curtains, employ Roman shutters or lovely woven coverings instead (avoid plastic or cheap metallic blinds). Short window coverings are a no-no. Throw away any inexpensive metal blinds that have kinks in them.

Choose Neutral Base Colors and the Perfect Art Color Combination

Choose Neutral Base Colors and the Perfect Art Color Combination

Remember that painting each room a different hue will not make you look impressive. Employ a rich color scheme for your property that works harmoniously with your interior if you’d like to make it look refined. Include hues that convey subtlety and neutrality to get it done. 

The most basic and most minimalist designs are used to create the highest-value homes. The simplicity itself will exude nobility. Also, consider the vibe a particular space conveys because colors impact your moods. For example, a bedroom might benefit from warmth and grandeur.

Furthermore, consider the existing furnishings in a room because the paintings should go with your complete interior design concept. Are you seeking something more vivid and striking? Or do you prefer a minimalistic approach? 

In either case, your artwork should highlight the colors in the space, so consider colors carefully and choose pieces that complement one another rather than conflict.

Install Perfect Lighting

Every room in the house needs natural and artificial illumination during the darker hours, and choosing the correct type of lighting can drastically alter a room’s looks and feel. 

Bedrooms and the living area should have enough soft, ambient lighting to evoke a warm atmosphere and promote peaceful periods. Use dimmers in your home to adjust the lighting to the mood you’re attempting to create to give off a posh vibe.

Adequately illuminate practical places like cooking areas with strategically positioned overhead lighting to see what you’re doing when making meals, and it’s always necessary to have light right above a dining table, but not too much.

Make Your Painting a Center of Focus

If you’ve acquired expensive art, you shouldn’t immediately store it somewhere no one can see it. 

Position big pieces above fireplaces, arrange smaller pieces for maximum effect and use figurines and other multifaceted pieces to make your painting the focal point of your space design and bring actual artistry to life.

Include Nature

Utilizing indoor plants to liven up bare places and add color is another time-tested advice. Ensure that the plants you choose are big enough to occupy the area they are in. A big plant in a prominent planter may appear high-end, but if the plant and pot are not proportionate, it will not have the desired impact.

You can get flowers from a florist or even buy them at the store and showcase them about your home if you don’t possess the best green fingers or dislike having many houseplants.

You can extend one bouquet by dividing it into smaller versions and then disperse around the house. It avoids the impression that you purchased the bouquet specifically to be displayed and instead makes it appear more at home.

Elevating Your Space

Elevating Your Space

You may not only exhibit artwork on walls. When it involves art, think beyond the box and spend money on objects featuring significant artistic techniques or decorations.

Keep everything in your home, including the paintings, clean. Generally, everything that has been carefully taken care of will seem more upscale, which is why new things always feel fantastic. This theory works the same way for your home. Everyone feels better when they receive the care it requires.

Therefore, ensure you maintain clean floors and carpets, shine furniture, repair dents and scratches where possible, replace damaged tiles, clean grout, patch holes in the wall, and repaint if necessary.

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