Elevate Your Look with 5 Cateye Glasses

The youthful glow of an upswept look has been making the rounds on the internet as well as the runways across the globe this season. The styles have focused on achieving a ‘snatched,’ tight-browed, and lifted look with makeup, accessories, and more. However, the upswept look has been so popular among the masses lately because of the supermodel-off-duty look, which follows a clean and chic vibe with sharp silhouettes and soft features.

Eyewear plays a great role in helping achieve the same because it can truly transform your entire aura within seconds. Daily eyewear is even more instrumental since it can make you stand apart from the rest effortlessly. Therefore, you can always don a pair of cateye glasses to make a statement to achieve that youthful yet chic demeanor. With their characteristic corners, these glasses have made history in eyewear, which is why they are a failproof accessory that you can invest in. Therefore, let us take a look at some cateye glasses that you can wear to elevate your look. 

The Classic Corners

The cateye glasses are one of the most iconic pieces in eyewear history, with good reason. Their silhouette is instantly recognizable due to their ability to transform your face’s aura and uplift your features. This pair of cateye specs in black is a classic design that was born in Manhattan and then became a mainstay in fashion collections across the globe. This can elevate your look effortlessly within seconds with its light design but effective frame design.

The Maroon Mood

Cateye glasses are wildly popular among women’s eyewear which is why they are constantly being designed in various shades like this deep maroon. The most eye-catching aspect of this particular pair of maroon cateye specs is the way the frame catches the light and is not completely opaque. It is a unique design that adds a bright yet classy pop of colour to your daily looks so that you can look livelier and bright even if you are chasing deadlines and tasks.

Bougie in Dual-Design

Matte and monochrome cateye glasses are the most popular designs to make a mark on history, but that has not stopped retailers and designers from reimagining the style into multidimensional pieces like this one. This pair of cateye specs is a combination of two styles; a pop or purple, which flows seamlessly through the brow line to the temple tips, and a tortoise-shell design on the bottom half of the lenses to balance out the bold colour.

The Cateye 2.0

At first glance, this pair of cateye glasses might seem the same as the black cateye glasses that have been known through history, but they are quite different. Face shape is important that we consider when we shop for eyewear, which is why when we make our pick, we make sure it can balance out our features and add some depth. This pair of cateye specs is elongated and resembles rectangle eyeglasses which can contrast smaller, and rounder faces to make them look sharper and chicer.

Light and Bright

The thick frames of a pair of cateye glasses can be one of its most important characteristic features, but this pair of wired cateye specs makes a case for lighter designs as well. In addition, the metal frame makes it look light and more approachable compared to its better-known counterpart, which is why it is often the pick for those who like to keep their features visible. 

The reason why cateye glasses are such a historically popular piece of eyewear in fashion history is because of their versatility and constant reinvention. Designs for cateye glasses, due to their high demand, have always had to reimagine the iconic silhouette into different colours, finishes, and frame types. That is why you can always rely on a pair of cateye glasses to spice up your look. If you want to explore more cateye glasses designs to fit your taste, you can head over to Fastrack and browse through their incredible collection of premium eyewear.

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