Email Management Tips for Having a Clean Mailbox

A lot of people face the same problem every day: email, designed to organize work and communication processes, often turns into an overseer, forcing you to keep an eye on incoming messages all the time, keeping you distracted from really important things. As a result, the constantly coming messages quickly turn a neat and clean mailbox into a dump which will be difficult to clean up the longer you do not apply some serious actions.

In this article, we will list the most effective email management strategies to become more productive with your mail correspondence.


  1. Unsubscribe from promotional newsletters. Many of us subscribe to newsletters on certain websites because we think that this information will be interesting for us. In a very short time, we realize that the website sends too many newsletters and most of them are really unnecessary. All such newsletters and promotional emails are required to contain an unsubscribe So it’s quite easy to do. The most important is not to postpone this for a long time because of our laziness or lack of time.
  2. Mark the emails as Unread will change the way you work with mail. You can quickly go through the incoming letters, immediately answer the most urgent, and those which do not require a lot of time for writing reply and delete unnecessary ones. The messages that can be replied to later, you can mark as unread. This eliminates the fear that an important read message is left unanswered and forgotten in the tons of other emails. It’s like a todo list, just in the email inbox. Try to implement the necessary actions to pending messages at the end of the working day, or start with them the next working morning.
  3. Ideally, you should have multiple accounts for different purposes. This will help you not only improve the security of your inbox, but also your productivity. Use one account for the integration with social networks and online shopping, the second – for chatting with friends, and the third one for business messages only. You can create as many accounts as you think you need.
  4. If you think about whether you can delete an email or you may need it again a little later, then archive it. When you archive an email, you do not delete it, but remove it from your inbox. In case you need any of the archived messages you can easily find them later.
  5. Use email clients on your mobile devices to be able to monitor your inboxes anytime you want. Such software allows you to be always available, to read and respond to email messages at once. Set the notifications on important letters if you don’t have time to check your inbox a few times per day.
  6. Email organizers can help you in managing your email accounts when you do not have much time to do this manually. They sort the incoming messages according to your settings and bundle them in certain groups. Afterward, you can apply any necessary action to such groups of messages, like archiving, deleting, moving to a certain folder, and so on.
  7. Use email management tricks regularly. One of the main rules to have an organized inbox is to use the best email management tactics on a regular basis. If you clean your incoming messages from time to time, your inbox will become overloaded with unnecessary messages very soon. It’s like learning a new language, you need to make it every day to progress fast, otherwise it will not have the desired results.

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