Email Marketing 101: Optimize For Higher Conversion Rate

Business owners are constantly on the lookout for the next new marketing strategy that will help them boost their ROI and increase conversions. But sometimes, it’s best to rely on tried-and-true methods, in this case – good old email marketing. There’s a good reason why so many business owners are choosing to focus on this practical – and more importantly, effective – tool as opposed to other advertising channels.

Not only is email marketing an opportunity for businesses to connect and engage with their customers, but it’s also quite successful when it comes to nurturing leads and boosting conversions. However, to be able to make the most of this tool, you need to go beyond the basics and make use of additional, innovative email marketing strategies. With that in mind, here is your email marketing 101, along with several practical tips on how to optimize for a higher conversion rate.

Step up your content game

One of the most important things you can provide your customers with is value. When coming up with email content, you need to make sure that you’re offering something useful to your customers. This can be anything from offering exclusive discounts to valuable information. Make sure to address the recipient in the email as well.

Other than implementing email personalization, you can take things a step further by acknowledging the customer’s stage in the marketing funnel. Regardless of the stage they’re at, if you match it to the content you’re sending them, you’ll increase the chances of them clicking, reading the email, and potentially converting.

Strive for consistency

When you will send out emails largely depends on your preferences as a business. What’s important is that once you create an email schedule, you should strive for consistency. For some businesses, this will mean sending out a newsletter to their customers on a weekly basis. For others, this may involve efforts to boost customer engagement through promotional offers once per month. Whatever it is, stick to it.

Not only is this an effective way to create anticipation among consumers, but scheduling emails will also build trust in your customers, leading to more emails being opened, read, and acted upon, thus ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Save time using various technologies and tools

There’s no doubt that coming up with an effective marketing campaign can be draining and time consuming. Countless man-hours go into conducting campaigns, not to mention the effort that goes into finding new ways to target and retarget consumers. This is why it helps to rely on technologies and tools that are specifically designed to save time while also providing access to consumer profiles.

Companies such as Datasys are well-versed in providing their clients with tools that make their day-to-day operations streamlined. They offer everything from unique data and user-friendly interfaces to result tracking tools and tools for scheduling campaigns. All this can go a long way in helping businesses drive consumer engagement and conversions, making them a practical addition to your email marketing strategy.

Come up with attention-grabbing subject lines

There’s no doubt about the power of an eye-catching subject line. Of course, businesses should refrain from using clickbait, but it’s important to get a bit creative when coming up with the title of your emails. The idea is to pique your customer’s curiosity. It should be compelling enough to persuade recipients to click on the email and continue to interact with it.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here, a good formula involves a short, direct, to-the-point title that’s specific yet intriguing. It should also contain actionable words, but never any false promises.

Focus on responsive design

It goes without saying that your emails need to be mobile-friendly. Yet, you’d be surprised at the amount of emails that go into the bin simply due to the recipient’s inability to access the email using their mobile devices. Statistics show that customers read over 60% of emails they receive using their mobiles. This only highlights the importance of creating emails with responsive design in mind. Furthermore, many of the emails that cannot be opened end up being deleted or simply ignored.

To make sure that your emails don’t receive the same treatment, focus on employing tried-and-true practices. Keep your titles short (up to 35 characters), your image sizes small, and your fonts large. Go for single-column layout over multiple ones, and instead of links, rely on calls to action to help boost your conversion rates.

Wrapping up

Email marketing can be a wonderful tool for increasing conversion. While there are some basic routes you can take, it’s important to make use of innovations and tools that are available. In doing so, you can retain your competitiveness in the constantly changing digital landscape, maximize your email marketing campaign impact, and optimize for higher conversion rates.

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