Embrace The Magical Beauty Of Your 2c Hair

A glowing and healthy mane is a dream for many. However, the reality is such that due to the various impacts the hair goes through daily, it loses its shine and appeal. These days countless products claim to help you solve the matter.

Nevertheless, you can’t choose the best option until you figure out your hair type first.

LoveHairstyles has it that 2c hair is the most underestimated type of all, and it’s we change that. If you want to love your lock, you need to embrace the style and texture and make the most of it!

2C Hair – The Definition

The chances are that you may not even know that your hair belongs to the 2c category. First things first, type 2 manes are curly ones. However, that is not enough since the curl, and wave kinds differ and require separate care routines. When you look in the mirror and can say that your hair is not straight, but it is not coily either, the chances are that it is a 2c lock that you are looking at. It’s essential that you can honestly say that your hair is not curly but wavy.


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2c Hair Care Routine

Now, when you finally know what type of hair you have, it’s time to figure out how to look after it. According to LoveHairstyles, there is a list of tips that never fail.

  • It is a known fact that wavy hair does not frizz that annoyingly when compared to curly locks. However, products that keep the frizz at bay should be added to the routine. Since these are care products that we are talking about, you should consider implementing some hydration products into the routine too. To put it simply, anything you see fit for the care regimen should suit the hair type, and you will watch your mane transform instantly.
  • Should you consider that your texture could have been better, experts suggest that you oil your locks at least twice a week. If you doubt which essential oil is the best, pick argan oil or coconut oil, and you will achieve the goal easily. At the same time, you shouldn’t abuse the oil treatment since it may weigh the mane down and make it look unappealing and dull.
  • It is not a secret that styling tools have a negative toll on your hair. With wavy hair, you do not need that much styling since your natural locks look mesmerizing! 
  • Split ends are a problem that occurs to all, no matter how carefully you tend to your hair. The best way to get rid of the issue efficiently is to trim the ends regularly. 
  • Straight hair always looks more appealing to those with a wavy texture. However, straightening the hair regularly will only worsen the damage inflicted. In case you can’t resist the temptation, at least make sure that you are using a heat-protective spray.


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  • What can be simpler than washing the locks, right? However, the chances are that most of you do it wrong. The thing is that too hot water can damage the hair structure too. So, it is best to wash the mane in lukewarm water. The additional benefit of the procedure is that such a temperature is known to open the hair and wash all the dirt and residue out.
  • Conditioning is crucial. However, it doesn’t mean that you should pick the right product. You should learn how to use it too. The fact is that washing your locks with warm water before conditioning will ensure precise penetration of the product into the strand. Nevertheless, washing the conditioner off is best with cool water since it washes away the remains but closes the moisture in the hair.
  • One of the downsides of wavy locks is that they are prone to tangling, and what can be more annoying than that? Luckily, there are a plethora of various detangling sprays that can help you deal with the matter effectively.
  • If you want to define your waves, you can always use some rollers together with curl-defining products.
  • In case you wash your locks before going to bed, make sure that you put a satin scarf on to ensure frizz elimination.

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