Embroidery Patch Tattoos Are a Thing!

Tattooing is a popular culture worldwide that has existed for thousands of years. In ancient Asia, Greece, and Roma, tattoos were used to mark criminals and slaves. On the other hand, Egyptians used them for decorative purposes. Nowadays, people use these body markings to express their creativity.

From paintings to photography, many aspects of society inspire tattooing. The latest trend in this field is known as embroidery tattooing because it draws inspiration from stitching. Tattoos drawn using this technique have a three-dimensional texture and look like they are leaping off the skin. They look so realistic that you might get tempted to get some body art.

Below are some reasons why embroidery tattooing is gaining popularity globally.

Embroidery Tattoos Are Permanent

Like standard tattoos, embroidery tattoos are permanent. Ensure that you have enough conviction before getting this body art, as the decision will be irreversible. It might seem cool to embroider your favorite painting on your arm, but remember that preferences change over time. Ten years from now, you might not like the art, but the tattoo will still be an elaborate reminder of something you no longer like.


It is worth pointing out that no embroidery tattoos are identical. The appearance of your body art depends on the method used by your tattoo artist. Some use a combination of techniques to make the tattoo look like embroidered artwork placed on your skin, while others use traditional cross-stitching methods. Another technique involves drawing patterns and shading them so they resemble embroidery.

Embroidery Tattoos Are Photogenic

If you open Instagram on your smartphone, you will likely come across many pictures of embroidery photos. This is because people think that they are beautiful, and rightly so. Suppose you are planning to get one; Instagram is an excellent source of design ideas.

When compared to actual embroidery, these tattoos look more impressive.


With embroidery tattoos, creativity has no limits, except for the limits of your imagination. From flowers to fictional animation characters, you can draw whatever you want on your skin. What’s more, the art looks more realistic than standard needlepoint tattoos.


In the past, tattoos were seen as a preserve of gangs, prisoners, and other bad people in society. Nowadays, these body arts are used to express creativity. If you are interested in getting inked, try embroidery tattoos.

Finding an embroidery tattoo artist can be challenging, especially if you are looking to get inked for the first time. Fortunately, several resources can help you find the right person.

Most tattoo artists have a portfolio showing the work they did on previous clients. Looking at these portfolios helps you gauge the quality of work you can expect from the artist. It also allows you to measure their experience.

Always ensure that you are comfortable with the shop and the artist who will design your tattoo. Ask questions before booking an appointment, as this aids your preparation. Moreover, you will know what to expect during the process.

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