Employee Monitoring Software – TheOneSpy Review

National and international entrepreneurs have been using different tools and tactics to monitor their workers and keep them from unproductive activities.

At the current moment, the most effective tool for employee monitoring is employee monitoring software.

You can get company-owned computers and mobile phones installed with monitoring software to keep track of your workers’ activities within and beyond the workplace.

Employee Monitoring Software

There are innumerable software applications rightly available that claim to facilitate employers in employee monitoring.

However, TheOneSpy is found to be the most efficient and trusted app for employee surveillance. It lets you monitor and boost the efficiency of your workers by monitoring every single online and offline activity.

In this article, we have reviewed the TheOneSpy employee monitoring software to give you an insight into the app.

How TheOneSpy Works?

The monitoring software enables users to keep track of activities performed on mobile phones and computers. Once you install the software on the targeted device, it gets access to the data stored on it.

This data includes online chats, offline chats, contact lists, call logs, emails, photos, videos, GPS locations, and data relevant to social messengers. This data gets uploaded to the online control panel of TheOneSpy from where the user can access it.

The online control panel is also used to send commands to the targeted mobile or computer device.

What TheOneSpy Can Do?

We have enlisted here the core features of the monitoring software to highlight the most powerful spy features of the app.

Screen Recording/Screenshots

You can witness and capture whatever appears on the screen of the monitored mobile phone or computer. It lets you know what your workers are doing on their devices in real time.

Track GPS Location

The spy app lets you monitor the remote workforce by updating you about their current GPS location. It provides data about your traveling workers’ visits to prevent them from unnecessary tours.

Track Internet History

The tracking software gets access to the internet browsing history of monitored mobile phones and computers. This history lets you analyze the internet usage of your workers.

Take Control of the Camera & Mic

The high-tech monitoring software lets you witness the workplace activities of your workers. You can turn on the camera and microphone of monitored computers and mobile phones to see what is happening around you.

You can also take pictures and make videos using rear and front cameras.

monitoring mobile app

Track Emails & Keylogs

The spy app lets you read emails received and sent by your workers. You can also access confidential information put on monitored devices including passwords, usernames, and email addresses.

Monitor Social Media

The mobile phone tracking app lets you monitor activities performed on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Vine, Hike, Hangout, Tinder, Zalo, and many other commonly used social apps.

Website Filtering

You can block your workers’ access to unproductive websites by blocking websites by their names, URLs, or keywords.

What are Compatible Devices & OS?

Mobile phone tracking software offers a solution for Android and iOS smartphones. The Android tracking software supports mobile phones and tablets of Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, and many other Android smartphone brands.

The computer monitoring software is compatible with Mac and Windows desktop and laptop computers.

What are the Pluses?

  • It is a cross-platform tracking software compatible with commonly used operating systems.
  • It allows for tracking online and offline activities.
  • It lets you take over the camera and microphone of the targeted device.

What are Minuses?

  • It does not offer website filtering for mobile phones.
  • It is not compatible with the latest iOS versions.

The employee monitoring software of TheOneSpy helps keep track of every single activity of your workers without spending huge amounts on surveillance tools. You can learn more about the software by visiting the official website

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