Encounters with the Babas of Haridwar

Travel to Haridwar

Everyone has their idea of a holiday destination. The same was with my family, my parents wanted to go to some holy place, my wife wanted to go to her parent’s home and my kids wanted to go to some unseen place. So again we had arguments when the summer holidays started, but the arguments stopped when we received an invitation to celebrate my relative’s 35th marriage anniversary in Dehradun.

Kids were happy as they had not seen Dehradun, parents were happy as we could stop in Haridwar and wife was happy to meet all her relatives. As the Delhi to Dehradun taxi fare is economical, we decided to book a taxi for the trip.

Overview and daily activities:

As pre-planned we started in the night from Delhi to reach Haridwar early morning and dot the morning Ganga Aarti at Har ki Paudi. We took the Delhi-Meerut- Roorkee route to Haridwar as it was mostly highway, the road conditions were good, and traveling at night was safe with family. We stopped in between at the tourist complex for tea and refreshments.

The road condition was good, so we reached Haridwar early morning as planned. We stopped near Har ki Paudi and proceeded to take a dip in the holy Ganga. After changing, we did the Ganga Aarti. The mesmerizing view of thousands of diyas floating in Ganga and loud chats reverberating around us was divine. Then we spent time sitting on the steps near Ganga Jee and observing the view.

Some babas or sadhus beside us started conversing with us. It was enlightening to learn about their life experiences. Their worldview broadened our mindset. They advised us to have our breakfast at the various poori-sabzi stalls across the river. So after the conversation with them, we went for breakfast. The poori-sabzi with halwa was amazing.

Later we went to Mansa Devi and some other temples in Haridwar. After spending a few hours in Haridwar, we proceeded towards Dehradun to attend the function. We had a comfortable and relaxing journey due to our research. The total family trip didn’t cost much and we did have a lot of fun.

How to reach Haridwar from Delhi

One can travel from Delhi to Haridwar by bus or train. But it is convenient to go by car or cab as one has the flexibility to stop or go to places according to one’s convenience. For a comfortable journey, always ensure your taxi is in top condition. Dehradun is near to Haridwar, so one doesn’t need to go out of the way to go to Dehradun and the tariffs are quite reasonable, so visiting Dehradun along with Haridwar makes sense. Rent a cheap and comfortable car in Delhi for an optimal experience.

Distance and time took

The route distance between Delhi and Haridwar will vary according to the starting place in Delhi. The approximate distance is 232 kilometers and it takes roughly five hours to reach Haridwar.

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