Encouraging Connection With Your Elderly Family

For many, it’s a struggle to cope with age. We often have to wrestle with our identity as it evolves – and sometimes, loneliness and isolation can make matters worse.

If your older family members seem a bit distant, you must do your part to help! You and your elderly loved ones have a chance to form a meaningful bond.

Here are a few ways to foster a beneficial connection.

1. Make Room for Frequent Contact

Do you talk to your parents or grandparents once a week? It’s never a bad idea to speak more often, even if you already make a consistent effort. You can call them on your way to work so that you can catch up on yesterday’s events.

You could also leave a voicemail for them to respond to later on. Today, it’s easier than ever to connect through video chats so that you can see them face-to-face.

It’s all about your loved one’s schedule and preferences. In any case, make a point to connect more frequently! You shouldn’t think that you need a reason to contact them, either. They’ll like to hear your voice no matter what you want to discuss.

If your loved ones don’t know how to use technology, it’s smart to take the time to acquaint them with new programs.

2. Schedule Their Favorite Activities

It’s not always possible for older adults to enjoy their favorite activities. They may need assistance, but it’s also likely that they don’t want to leave the house alone.

This suggestion can be especially beneficial for your elderly family members who live by themselves.

Due to many factors, it’s often difficult for older individuals to meet other community members as they once did.

Try to organize activities with your loved ones regularly. If you’re unable to visit them due to distance, it’s always fun to have an online game night instead. Encourage them to share their interests with you, too. You can also take the lead if you want to set up a particular experience for them.

3. Prioritize a Healthy Lifestyle

As our family members age, it’s necessary to make sure that they stay fit. Sometimes, they can feel too embarrassed to talk about potential health issues.

You can help them navigate those emotions. They need to stay informed about their health so that they can make the correct choices. You don’t want them to ignore medical visits because they’re too prideful.

Do they need to exercise more often? Make time to go on a walk with them. Do they need to eat more nutritious meals? Help them cook once or twice a week. Above all else, it’s vital to keep their primary care providers informed about their needs.

This effort can form a further means of connection amongst your family. Plus, it’s always nice to see that everyone’s healthy and happy.

4. Engage With Local Resources

It’s often advantageous to tap into local resources whether or not you live near your elderly family members. Most communities offer ways for older adults to engage with others. For example, senior centers often put on different activities and events.

These experiences can help individuals break away from their standard routines and connect with their communities more deeply.

These resources include everything from volunteer opportunities to bingo games. You can encourage your older family members to seek out this support. Of course, you can’t make them participate – but it’s important to suggest these programs.

Sometimes, they want to know more about these resources but can’t access them without help.

5. Make Sure They Have a Purpose

What does life mean when your kids leave the house and you edge toward retirement? Many older individuals lack a sense of purpose as they age. If they can’t come up with goals to complete, it’s almost like life comes to a halt.

It’s essential to push seniors toward a new activity or commitment so that they can become fulfilled once more. If they can, they can live stronger, healthier lives as they age.

For instance, your loved ones may enjoy a part-time job if they’re capable. They could also take up a new hobby, like gardening or volunteering.

It all depends on their interests, as well as what truly fulfills them as people. If they think that their life has a purpose, they’re able to take on each day with a renewed will.

This process may also allow them to become more socialized through the relationships they build as a result.

Use These Tips to Bond With Your Older Loved Ones

Family members must create meaningful connections with their older loved ones. Often, seniors don’t want to reach out for help, even when they feel isolated or alone daily. Fortunately, you can make their lives more fulfilling with these steps.

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