Enlisting the Best Places to Live in New Jersey When You Settle

Have you finally decided to settle at a peaceful and beautiful place with a permanent residence? Do you have New Jersey on the list? If yes, consider it a wise decision. There are not just single but multiple reasons to settle in New Jersey. We are making a list of some most significant reasons below:-

  • In the United States, NJ is the number one state to raise a child. Children get the best thriving environment for overall growth.
  • Its Asbury Park is the second-best beach in the entire USA.
  • The beautiful landscapes of New Jersey serve you with the best golf course.
  • From the perspective of the human life quality index, this state grabs third place.
  • New Jersey is a state of wineries and breweries because of its large farm estates. You can find numerous finest quality bravery as dates in this state to try some unique and wonderful alcoholic drinks. As per the current data record, New Jersey is the home of more than 125 craft breweries.

For the best living standard and peace of mind, we are recommending some nice places to live in New Jersey. Please scroll down.

Enlisting the best places to live in New Jersey


From the perspective of a livability score, this is one of the best places to live in New Jersey city with 86 points. Montclair has the most premier property locations available in the whole state. This family-friendly state has a rich cultural heritage. Here you can expect 20 beautiful public parks and 175 acres of open space for doing outdoor activities.

Ocean City

Ocean City treats you exactly like its name. If you love the coastal climate, this location has everything to soothe. This is one of the cleanest beaches where you can find a residential property. During the summer, this location turns into the favorite spot of tourists throughout the world. Therefore, this location also has a great scope in the hospitality business.


As we already mentioned above, New Jersey is the best place to raise children because the prestigious Princeton University is situated here. This location has some beautiful places to buy the property and settle for a long time. Whether you want to commute to New York or Philadelphia, the distance is almost the same. It hardly takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach both locations from Princeton conveniently. While living in Peace, you can easily stay in touch with the urban trends.


If you love urban life, New Jersey has Madison to satisfy all your desires. This location is actually a suburb of New York where finding a job is also very convenient. The home value and rent cost are higher than average at this location because of the urban proximity.

We have mentioned four different locations for people with different expectations. Do some research on the lifestyle and cost of living before shifting to any place.

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