ESports Betting Markets

Where competitions are played, there are winners and losers, and there is a gambling chance! As with real football or other competitions, betting on eSports is also possible!

Larger non GamStop bookmakers already have this option and it is only a matter of time before regular bookmakers also have this option.

Betting on eSports is also no different from normal sports competitions. This way you can bet on profit, and loss, but also on the number of points and more.

Match Fixing in eSports

Just like in other sports competitions, eSports also involves match fixing. It is an emerging problem that is difficult to tackle. Because it is still so new, this will be left behind for now. However, there are already several technologies that can ensure that remarkable moves are noticed by a player.

The advantage of eSports is that everything happens in the digital world, which means that powerful computers can notice cheating, doping & match-fixing activities faster.

Most Common Betting Markets in eSports

In general, you will find all betting markets of actual sports available for virtual sports. This means you can bet on match/tournament winners, points/goals/kills bets, handicap bets, and other options. In the next section, we will show you the most prominent markets available for virtual bets.

Match Winner

Certainly, we must open the list of the most prominent betting markets with a bet on the winner of the match. Exactly as the name suggests, this bet does not ask you for anything other than which player or team you think will win the match or tournament.

In every confrontation, there is a favorite and an underdog. The favorite gets lower odds because it has higher chances of winning, while the underdog gets higher odds because it has lower chances of winning.

Round/Map Winner

Depending on the default game you bet on at sports betting sites without GameStop, you can bet on the winner of a particular round or map.

Points/Correct Score

In fact, betting on the right outcome goes way beyond picking a winner, but if you are really convinced that you know what is going to happen, you can bet on this market.


If it is difficult for you to predict the exact result, you can bet that the result will be more or less than a certain value. If the game is limited to a certain time, like Overwatch, you can bet on whether or not the match will go to overtime.

Group/Event Winner

This is the bet on the winner of an individual group or a specific stage in the tournament.

First Blood

This option is very common in various shooting games such as CS:GO and it indicates which player will get the first kill in the game.

Double Chance

The name says it all, you have 2 choices out of 3 outcomes. Statistically, this means that there is a 66.67% chance that you got the prediction right. The choices are the same as with ‘Full-time’, only you can now choose 2:

  • Home win or away win (1 or 2);
  • Home win or draw (1 or x);
  • Away win or draw (2 or x).

The odds on this are relatively low because the chance that your prediction is correct is also a lot higher.

3-Way Handicap

There are three possible outcomes for a match in virtual sports: the away team wins, the home team wins, or a tie. The handicap bet covers two out of three of these options. However, this bet offers lower payouts than other markets.

Combining Bets: Multiples

A “multiple” bet is a bet made up of several single bets. The main objective of this bet is to multiply the winnings. However, note that if you lose one bet you will lose the entire combined bet slip.

When betting on multiples, you can go as crazy as you want. You can combine two matches, but also twenty. In the latter case, the chance of winning is of course very small. And the non GamStop bookmakers have found a solution in the form of the cash-out option.

Live Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Almost all non GamStop bookmakers also offer the option to place live bets during matches. It can make a match many times more exciting for the viewer when he uses this option.

For example, you bet on the team that will receive the next throw-in or corner kick, the team that is going to take the next yellow card, or whose striker is again unnecessarily offside.

In a virtual tennis match, you can even bet on the winner for each point which is an average of about six points per game, and even about 200 per game; that should sound like music to the ears of the true gambler!

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