Essential Bingo Lingo

Just about anyone who has played the game of bingo, or who has ever heard about the game of bingo knows, there are some specific words and unique phrases that are associated with the game of bingo. You can refer to them as bingo – lingo if you so wish. Before you can make up your mind to play this game at Barbados Bingo, it’s useful that you know for sure what these bingo associated phrases and words are, so that when you eventually play, you can get the most fun out of the game whether online or in a physical bingo room. Below are some of them that you can look into and try to understand.


PC or Woke Lingo

For some online or regular bingo players, the old bingo terminology was not PC enough, and could even have been considered either insulting or old fashioned. This is the origin of  ‘woke’ or PC bingo.

In woke bingo, the calls have been entirely changed and now made up of some really interesting phrases including:

7 now called Flexitarian

9 now called Get an Uber from mine

14 now called Netflix and chill

25 now called Quarter-life crisis

35 now called It’s a vibe

38 now called Avocado on a plate

39 now called Love Island time

48 now called Not another Brexit debate

49 now called Amazon Prime

54 now called Lads on tour

68 now called Tinder date

74 now called Recycle more

78 now called Haters gon’ hate

86 now called Instagram pics

88 now called Wills and Kate


Vital Bingo Terminology

However, even though some of the regular calls may have been changed, some of the terminologies have stayed the same. Below are some of the details: 

0 Balls

When you have 0 balls as part of the game, what this means essentially is that you are playing the game of traditional 90 balls bingo which also happens to be the most popular variation in the UK.


Bingo Cards

The bingo card is an essential piece of kit that you are going to need when you want to play bingo. This is an important piece of paper or card that comes with the numbers you are playing with clearly typed out on it. However, in the game of online bingo, this card is represented by a virtual one instead.


Bingo Pot

The bingo pot is a name used in reference to the prize fund. Make sure that you check this out before you decide to play so that you are certain that you want to win the bingo prize on offer. There are some players who might not think it is worth it if the amount is small, but that is always your choice to make.


Drawn Balls

Drawn balls is a term that means that the game is about to start. Here, the first number would have been drawn, and the bingo game is running. 

These are the bingo terms that you must know, and they are as easy to remember as they are fun to call.

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