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Essential Car Insurance Tips 2021: Why All Drivers Should Get Quotes Semi-Annually

During the pandemic, people stayed at home worked remotely, and therefore put many fewer miles on their cars than they normally would have in any other year. Up to 50% fewer miles were driven, according to research, resulting in refunds and discounts from various insurance providers. This prompts many to ask: “Am I paying too much for my auto insurance?” Let’s face it, you probably are.

At Freeway Insurance you’ll find exceptional customer service that suits clients’ needs to a tee. With a wide range of plans to choose from on almost any vehicle, Freeway operates 127 local offices in locations all over the USA. They have helped thousands of people recalculate their insurance so that their coverage aligns with their specific set of circumstances, and all, at exceedingly affordable rates.

As people emerge from the cocoon of lockdown and move into the post-pandemic world, it is becoming more and more obvious, that their current car insurance needs may no longer be suiting them. Shopping around for insurance coverage feels like a bothersome task, and most people assume that their current insurance suits them very well. In reality, personal circumstances, and insurance costs, and coverage, are always changing.  That is why it’s so important to get a quote every six months.

Things to consider when examining your insurance policy:

  1. What are your coverage limitations?
  2. What does your policy specifically cover?
  3. What does your policy not cover?
  4. What will be your out-of-pocket cost, if you must file a claim for personal injury or damage to the car?

Keep in mind that the reason quotes differ from one insurance company to the next is because they each assess risk differently. What one company may deem overtly risky another may not. Your neighbors also play a role in your insurance quote. A company may see that many people within your zip code are filing claims; in this case, they will be more apt to give you a higher quote.

Factors that Influence Insurance Quotes

Car insurance companies want to get to know you so that they can provide you with an accurate insurance quote. Their risk assessment is determined by several elements, including:

  1. Your geographical location – Where do you live? Where do you park your car? People who live in urban areas find themselves more vulnerable to things like theft, vandalism, and accidents. If you park your car on the street, as opposed to a garage, this also makes you more susceptible to risk.
  2. How often do you use your car – Is your commute fifteen minutes or two hours? Do you often travel out of state? The less you drive, the more likely it is that you will also pay less for your coverage.
  3. Gender Based on years of data, men have proven to be at a greater risk than women, especially younger men. They are more liable to get into an accident, have more DUI’s, and be involved in more serious accidents.
  4. Driving record – How many accidents have you been involved in? How many insurance claims have you filed? The insurance company will be interested in knowing how safe you have driven on the roadways.
  5. Value of your car – The more expensive the car, the more it will cost to repair or replace it.
  6. Car safety – Oftentimes, you will find insurance companies are willing to provide discounts on your insurance, for cars that implement safety measures. These might include collision-avoidance systems, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning systems. Cars with high safety ratings may also be eligible for discounts.
  7. Amount of insurance coverage you choose – With various types of insurance coverage available, with different deductibles and coverage limits, your choices will largely influence the final quote.

And if you have coverage for any specific damages added to it like the scratches on the car from the tooth of a key by taking up the keyed car insurance, that is also likely to affect the final quote.

8. Insurance-based credit score – While not used in every state, it is a tool that some companies use to calculate how likely it is that you will file a claim.

While unemployment claims and joblessness in America are finally headed downward, it is still more important than ever to save money wherever possible. We often look for ways to scrimp and save by cutting down on the grocery bill, cutting back on entertainment, or even taking on a second job. Many Americans fail to remember that our insurance coverage that’s paid out on a regular basis is a financial commitment that we have some control over.

Smart, savvy, and prudent stewardship of your car insurance is a matter of reviewing, researching, and reaching out to Freeway Insurance, to obtain the best possible quote for your budget, so you can save money for your summer road trip, and have added peace of mind, too!

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