Essential Features to Look Out for in a Learning Management System

Training and development is a necessary component of any organization, and it enables the employees and the organization to adapt to changes in the world and develop their skill set. While traditional training methods are a viable option, they have many drawbacks, making imparting training over LMS a much more effective alternative.

LMS or learning management system is software companies use to impart knowledge or train their employees.

When organizations think of implementing an LMS, they are stormed with various software in the industry. There are thousands of LMS platforms to choose from.

Primarily the best LMS must enable the Learning and development professionals to create, manage and deliver courses and have insights into the performance and efficacy of the system. Moreover, an ideal LMS will have an interactive interface that the employees, instructors, and other teams can access through the web or a mobile application.

Besides, there are plenty more LMS features that you must look out for. Before seeking quotations from different vendors, you must first understand your organization’s needs from the LMS to determine the best one.

Here are some of the necessary features that will make an LMS platform great.

1. LMS integrations

Besides an LMS, there are many other software or business solutions that an organization uses. It would be beneficial if all these business solutions had some degree of integration with accurate and holistic data from various touchpoints.

For instance, having an LMS that integrates with CRM can help L&D managers to oversee the direct impact of training on the performance of the employees.

An LMS that enables a greater degree of integration can make it easier for employees to access the learning and training modules.

So, if the employee is using salesforce and is struggling with a certain aspect of their job, they will be able to access the LMS through Salesforce only.

2. Data insights

An organization must keep track of the learner’s progress to understand how the course of the modules is directly impacting the job performance.

The right insights will enable the managers to tweak their current courses accordingly.

Data insights also enable the managers to optimize the course as per the learners’ performance. They understand and recognize specific topics where the learners need more attention and the areas where they are excelling.

For instance, the managers will optimize the course if a specific department is struggling with a specific training module. They may even offer additional training to increase the effectiveness of the training.

3. Personalized experience

The reason why social media platforms are addictive is that they offer a personalized experience. The content displayed on your feed is catered to you by observing various metrics, and the more you like the content, the more time you will spend on the platform.

The same goes for LMS as well. If a software enables personalized experience, it increases the learner’s engagement rate as they would be more inclined to use the platform.

For instance, if an employee is from the sales department, their LMS must showcase sales and other related modules. If they see HR-related courses on their LMS, there is a high chance that they will not engage or be eager to learn.

4. Digital content player

Various studies show that not everybody learns in the same way. A specific learning module in a text form must also be available in video or audiobook format.

So, whether learners prefer to read or watch and learn, they must have all the options available.

Choose a platform that enables video and content playback without any pop-ups. Moreover, the best LMS will also support media playback on mobile devices. The platform will make an automated playlist of the modules that need to be completed and will auto-play them in the right order for the ease of users.

Having a dedicated content player for all types of content enables the learners to track their progress and makes the content readily available whenever they want.

5. Mobile app

The number of mobile users is growing steadily, and you will be surprised to know that no mobile users contribute to more than half of the world’s total internet traffic.

Having an interactive and user-friendly mobile application is one of the most important LMS features you must look out for.

A mobile application enables the learners to access the modules and various topics on the go.

Ensure that the solution offers a mobile-first design and exemplary dashboard views for mobile users.

So, when you are looking for the best LMS for your organization, you must determine your organizational goals and ensure that the software has these aforementioned essential features.


Viral Rang
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