5 Essential Supplies When Fishing in Alaska

Alaska’s vast wilderness and pristine rivers and lakes make it an adventure seeker’s haven. With acres upon acres of woodlands and fishing spots, you’re sure to enjoy a truly memorable outdoor trip with your family or friends.

If you love reeling in some big fish, then Alaska should truly be on top of your bucket list as it has hundreds of fishing grounds that will make you giggle in pure joy. For example, there are Halibut fishing trips in Alaska that guarantee to take you to some guaranteed spots that are teeming with trout or salmon, depending on the season. These trips usually include accommodation in a resort that is specifically targeted toward tourists who are into an adventurous lifestyle.

But, as with any other fishing quests, you must have proper fishing gear and supplies to enjoy a safe and productive trip. Here are five essential fishing supplies that you must bring with you:


You’ll never know how many hours you’ll spend on the waters or by the riverside and whether the good weather will suddenly turn violent. Knowing these possibilities, you have to be properly dressed for the trip. If you’ll go out fishing during sunny weather, then you have to wear a hat, long sleeves or fishing jacket, pants, and non-slip outdoor boots.

You should also have at least one fresh set of clothes if ever you’ll get wet while fishing. It also won’t hurt to have a raincoat and rain boots for when the weather becomes all gloomy without warning. Place your clothes in a dry bag to keep them safe and dry.

Fishing equipment

Of course, you must have all the fishing equipment to make your trip productive. You should have a tackle box or any other container to hold your lures, a fisherman’s tool kit, and other small items. You should likewise bring at least two sets of fishing poles complete with hook, line, and sinker. Ideally, you must bring one pole for the small fish and another pole for the larger ones. But if you want to bring just one, then it would be fine as long as you have fishing lines of varying strengths/capacities.

First aid kit

You’ll never know when injuries could happen, especially if you’re outdoors. Since the majority of Alaska is a vast wilderness, it would be wise to have a first aid kit with you when you go out for a fishing trip. There are readily available first aid kits that you can buy online or in local supply stores so this should not be a problem. If you have maintenance medicines, then be sure to bring them as well.

Packed meals and water

If you will be out for hours on your boat or wherever you wish to fish, you have to secure your provisions like food so you can be properly nourished throughout your trip. You should also include several liters of water or opt for a hydration pack/bladder so you can just take a sip without having to reach for a water bottle.

Other essentials

You should have your mobile phone, a spare phone, power bank and charging cable, pertinent documents like passports and IDs, and other essential items. You can keep them in a separate dry bag or place them together with your clothes.

With all these fishing items and personal effects, you’ll be on your way to a truly memorable, fun, and productive fishing trip. Don’t forget to book a nearby hotel in advance if you will spend a few days so you can have a place to rest and relax after a tiring day catching some nice fish.

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