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Essential Tips To Consider When Towing “Toad” With Your RV

Planning a road trip can be very exciting. Each moment that you can spend on the road with your loved ones must become a memorable experience. But you need to make sure that you will do all the necessary preparations to make your travel more convenient. Aside from bringing all your complete road trip gear, you may also want to consider taking a small car with you at the back of your RV so you will not have any difficulties going to places that cannot accommodate your large motorhome. It means that you need tools like a tow bar base plate for towing your other car, or the “dinghy” or “toad” according to RV enthusiasts.

To help you tow the car properly, here are several tricks that you need to know.

Prepare Essential Car Towing Equipment

No matter which type of car towing practice you plan to use during your RV road trip, you need several staple items to help you do the job correctly. One of which is the hitch, which could be a permanent item that should be present in your RV. It usually comes with a receptor that can help you mount the hitch ball. If your RV does not come with a hitch, you can look for an additional trailer hitch that you can purchase separately. Most hitches come in different classes, depending on the weight that they can pull.

Other crucial items that you must own if you want to tow a car at the back of your RV include the receiver that can hold various sizes of hitch balls, as well as the lighting receptacle plug.

Consider A “Four Down” Tow Technique

The “four down” technique talks about the number of car tires placed on the road as you pull it at the back of your RV. There are plenty of vehicle transmission types that can let you use this towing option, but you can also check with the Dinghy Towing Guides to see if your car can allow it. Once you confirm that you can pull your toad behind your motorhome, you need several tools to help you secure it at the back of the large vehicle.

Some of the essential items for this technique include the tow bar base plate, the base plate kit that you can attach directly to the toad, safety cables, a complete wiring kit, and a backup braking system.

Invest in a Trailer

Since the four down tow technique does not work with 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles, you need to use a trailer so you can pull the car through the back of your RV. Also known as the car hauler, these trailers come with two axles used to stabilize the vehicle as well as low rails that you can install around the edges.

Some of the required equipment that you need when using a trailer include ratchet straps, a brake controller, and ramps if your trailer does not come with it. You also need to acquire a separate license for the trailer since several states ask for this requirement. Also, make sure that you have extra space to use for storing the trailer.

These are some of the most useful tips that you can follow if you want to pull a toad at the back of your RV during a road trip. You can source your equipment through a reputable towing supplies shop to make sure that all items are highly efficient. As much as possible, you need to invest in quality equipment to secure your toad correctly while you are on your way to your destination.

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