Essential Travel Accessories For Any Beach Holiday

A beach holiday is the perfect getaway, especially when you have all the cool gear and accessories to take with you. Sure, you can always throw on a towel and a sun hat and call it a vacation. However, a few summer essentials can upgrade your trip to an amazing holiday.

Essential Travel Accessories

Wherever in the world, you choose to set up your sunbathing station, here are the travel essentials you need for a fun and stylish time on the sand.


You may be spending a lot of time barefoot when you hit the sand, but there will be times you won’t get away with being shoeless. Simple sandals can take you from day to night, concrete to sand. Going with the on-trend minimalist vibes also helps with light packing. Glitzy footwear may be fun, but it probably won’t go with all the outfits you brought. Simple, comfortable, and stylish sandals will go a long way during your beach holiday.


Accessorizing jewelry at the beach is not always ideal, although some people don’t have a problem with it. For a more functional and sensible way to accessorize, go for a stylish dress watch that can be your focus piece when you hit the bars.

Beach Mat

A beach towel on the sand is functionally fine, but laying that towel on a beach mat is a lot more comfortable. Beach mats come in different materials but look for products that guarantee water resistance and easy removal of sand. The point of laying on top of a beach mat is to keep yourself and your belongings clean, and there’s nothing worse than getting sand everywhere.

Bluetooth Speakers

Create your own mini party with portable – and preferably splash-proof – Bluetooth speakers. No matter how chaotic the beach can get, vibing to your own tunes can create a more enjoyable environment for you and your friends. Most of the time, your music can be turned up loud enough to mute the rest of the noise around you. Don’t forget to be mindful of other vacationers, though; your tunes might not be to everyone’s taste!

Portable Charger

Carrying around a power bank is almost a no-brainer nowadays, but bring one that has extra juice to the beach. This way, you’re able to keep your phone going for long longer, plus you can plug in your speakers and other devices like a reading tablet. Having a heavy-duty power bank can keep you lounging on the beach a lot longer without worrying about where the nearest sockets are.

Sun Shelter or Pop-up Cabana

Even if you’re a fan of sunbathing, nobody wants to be laying out in the sun the entire day. Take a break from harsh rays with a packable sun shelter or pop-up cabana. These can cost anywhere between USD 30 all the way to USD 200 but consider it a good investment. You won’t have to rent beach cabanas from resorts or public vendors. If you’re an avid beachgoer, you’ll get your money’s worth in no time. And if you’d prefer something more portable, consider getting mini sunshades that cover only your head.

Dry bag

Dry bags are great for any water-related trip. They protect your stuff from splashes and fold to a compact size when not in use. Take them on boat transfers, poolside, or island hopping to ensure that all your stuff is kept safe and dry, especially your electronics. Keep in mind, however, that some dry bags are not 100% waterproof. Though many brands claim to be so, dry bags may not always be fully submerged in water. Do a test before you trust your dry bag with anything expensive!


Keep bright, harsh sunlight out of your eyes with good-quality sunglasses. Fashion sunglasses may be stylish, but most of them lack the protection you need against the sun. Find a pair with UV protection to keep your eyes safe. Polarized lenses also help to eliminate glare from shining directly into your eyes.

Waterproof Phone Case

Despite being on a beach holiday, it’s highly likely you’ll still be glued to your phone at certain points of the day. A waterproof case protects your phone not only from water but also from sand. With most smartphones sporting amazing cameras, you can also use some of these cases to take cool underwater photos.

Take Away

There are plenty of travel accessories you can take to the beach to make your holiday perfect. Use the list above to ensure you’re comfortable and well-entertained, with fully-charged devices to help you capture all your special memories.

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