Eternal Love: Ways to Last Longer in Bed

At any given stage, two people can find themselves in love with a partner who is either their spouse or a perfect soul mate. In reality, they usually cannot see love, but they feel sexually or romantically attracted to each other. Depending on the level of attraction, the two parties do get intimate. It is at this point that issues of satisfaction and dissatisfaction arise. One party can claim that the other is not good in bed. The reverse of that can happen too. However, all the statements made by the partners after making love may arise due to the time they take in bed. Of the two, the commonly affected party is always the male counterpart.

For a relationship or marriage to be successful, the male counterpart should have a strong stamina to stay longer in bed since doing so will impact the relationship positively. 


Some of the benefits of staying longer in bed include:

Partners who stay longer in bed are said to be happier than those who only have sex for the sake of it.

  • Enhanced positive attitude towards each other and mood.

During intimacy, chemicals such as endorphins are produced, hence making the parties feel good and more motivated towards love. Therefore, the longer the couples stay in bed, the more the chemicals are released.

  • Increased love.

Definitely, through staying longer in bed, the partners will become more attracted to each other due to the satisfaction they get from each other each time they become intimate.


Besides the benefits, I also have in mind that there are people who have never enjoyed them mainly because they cannot stay longer before burning out. There are some probable ways which, when implemented, can enable one to stay longer in bed.


Some of the recommended ways include:

1- Proper foreplay.

Foreplay refers to the preparations involved before having sex. Great foreplay before the start of the game will determine the finish line and the duration it will take the parties to play. It is one of the magical ways of staying longer in bed.

2- Use of protection commonly referred to as condoms.

It helps in reducing the sensations on the organs during the event, and therefore it maximizes the time the parties will take in bed. The chances are that it will enable the partners to play for longer.

3- Taking it slow.

The most common problem with the majority, especially men, is that they tend to go the fast and furious way, and therefore this makes them fail to make a track and control of their ejaculation. By reducing the speed, the partners are likely to have an enjoyable moment for the longest time possible.

 4- Consider the use of the proven enhancers, such as delay sprays.

 The global technological change and advanced research have enabled the production of a new form of enhancers. The enhancers indeed do a lot of magic when it comes to performance and the duration in bed. As discussed in the Promescent’s guide to using delay sprays, they can be used to neutralize sensitivity hence causing delays during sex. However, that only works well if the instructions of the manufacturer are followed well.

5- Change of diet.

Whatever is consumed in the body matters a lot when it comes to general health. People should, therefore, avoid food which has a high percentage of cholesterol. By doing that, the performance in bed will be improved.

Last Longer in Bed


Staying for a few minutes in bed has become a common problem. Research shows that the average sex duration should be 5-7 minutes. Unfortunately, 50% of the people only manage to play a game of about 2 minutes. It is therefore important to try out the above-mentioned tips to significantly improve the duration in bed.

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