The Ultimate Event Marketing Tactics List

Want to get equipped to run a successful event marketing campaign? Use this event marketing tactics list to make sure you’ve got all bases covered.

If you have an event that you’re trying to promote, look no further.

Events are often done by companies whenever they’re trying to attract people to something. Whether it’s an expo or a small gathering, properly marketing the event will ensure that people attend it. This will allow you to save both time and money while maximizing profits.

The problem that most people have when organizing an event is they don’t think about how they’ll market it. Although events are typically done to bring in revenue, you’ll need to spend some time advertising it and reaching out to potential attendants.

Keep on reading for a marketing tactics list that you can use when you start planning an event!


Create a Website

One of the best event marketing tactics you can do is create a website. Websites give people a place to go to when they’d like to learn more about what someone is offering.

If your event will offer a variety of services, your website can outline each of them. From there, viewers can decide whether they’d like to attend the event. Anyone that’s on the fence about attending will be more likely to go when they see what it’s about.


Use Pop-Up Windows

Putting pop-up windows on your site is an effective way to keep people engaged. If you have an update about your event, you can set an image to appear after a certain period when someone is browsing.

You can also enable pop-ups on specific windows. For example, many sites will include a pop-up chat whenever the contact page is visited. This can redirect traffic to another part of your site, essentially boosting your site’s SEO as more content will be interacted with.


Include Guest Photos and Information

Before people attend an event, they’ll want to know who will be there. No matter what the event is for, it’s necessary to generate enthusiasm about a good or service because you’ll be able to make sales when you have interesting guests.

When you’ve decided who will attend as guests, you should include photos and information about them on your site. This will catch the eye of those that are interested in your event but don’t know much about the people that are attending.

Having photos will also make the site look more appealing, encouraging people to stick around and browse. However, try not to include photos that aren’t related to what the event is about. For example, a website for a fitness expo wouldn’t have pictures of video games.


Create Video Content

Videos are some of the most engaging things you can add to your site. People will often look into videos about an event if it’s been previously done. By creating video content and publishing it on your event’s site, you can increase your traffic because you won’t be redirecting people to other platforms like YouTube.

Your videos should be about anything relating to the event, so you can talk about both the guests and what activities will take place. Keeping your videos as professional as possible will make you look more reputable, thus making it easier to build trust with those that are interested in attending.


Send Emails

Emails have been an effective means of marketing for several years as people regularly check theirs. Sending emails with updates on the event and reminders will boost event attendance because people will be less likely to forget.

Companies will often create newsletters when they’d like to inform subscribers about a sales promotion and keep them involved with the company. If you plan on hosting an event multiple times, you should continue to send emails after an event so that you can continue to generate enthusiasm.


Create a Social Media Hashtag

Hashtags have become an essential feature in most social media platforms. They allow users to search up content that includes the hashtag, making it easy to identify similar things. Creating a hashtag will allow users to find anything that’s tied to your event.

As people share things like images and videos of the event, they can include the hashtag within the description. This is essentially free advertising as your event’s name will be shown on each post.


Blog About the Event

Similar to sending emails, a blog will keep people interested in your event. A blog is a type of content that comes in the form of longer posts — typically between 500-1000 words — about various topics.

Depending on what your event is about, you can come up with a plethora of things to talk about that will engage your audience. These often require more work than emails, but you’re able to talk about more things while bringing traffic to your site.

Blogs will greatly help your event site’s SEO because people will consistently be coming back to it. As Google detects that people are regularly visiting your site, it will get a better ranking and come up in searches more often.


Use This Marketing Tactics List Now

Boosting event attendance isn’t impossible, but you’ll need to do most of the things on this marketing tactics list if you’d like to find success. As you become more reputable, it will be easier in the future to market yourself.

Start by creating a website for the event so that people can interact with it. Consider coming up with a newsletter and blog so that you can reach a wider audience. You can also look into event marketing examples of whatever tactic you’re not sure about.

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