Every Microsoft Excel Trick You Need to Know

Microsoft Excel will make your life easier. Excel has all the capabilities to categorize, organize, and calculate your data effectively.

Excel may seem challenging to new users, but we will share everything you need to know. Whether you are a new or advanced user, these shortcuts will help you manage big data.

Knowing the Excel trick to whatever tool you need is the best way to navigate the program! These Excel tricks and tips will help you get good at Excel.

Here are some great Excel tips and tricks.

Switch Between Files

Shifting between multiple Excel sheets and files does not have to be annoying! Shifting between files is a handy shortcut that will save you time, and hopefully, from creating any errors.

To switch between files or sheets:

  • Select Ctrl + Tab (Mac: Command + Tab)
  • Use the arrow key to shift to the file you need
  • Select Enter (Mac: return)

Freeze a Row or Column

Freeze a row or column, so it is visible as you scroll through data. Or, split panes to create separate windows in the same worksheet.

This trick makes viewing clear and easy. Share this with your Microsoft team using Office 365 tools.

To freeze a row or column:

  • Select the column or columns (row or rows)
  • Under the View tab, select ‘freeze’ (or split panes)
  • Select ‘freeze (or split) first column’

Split Text Information

Excel allows you to split information from one cell into multiple cells. Excel allows you to split information based on criteria.

The option “Delimited” allows you to break up cells based on characters, while the option “Fixed Width” allows you to break up based on location.

To split text information in a cell:

  • Highlight the column (or row) you want to split up
  • Under the Data tab, select ‘Text to Columns’
  • Select ‘Delimited’ or ‘Fixed Width’
  • Check the preview
  • Click ‘Next’ to select advanced formats, if necessary
  • Click ‘Finish’

Maintain Formulas

This Excel trick allows you to maintain the formula throughout cells, or the entire worksheet. Copy and paste the information throughout the sheet while keeping the same (absolute) data for the row or column.

To make a formula absolute:

  • Type your formula, after you type your cell reference, Click ‘F4’
  • To cycle through other absolute possibilities (for row or column, or both) continue to click ‘F4’
  • Click ‘Enter’ after the desired row or column is made absolute

*Note: F4 locks the cell reference in the formula directly to the left.

Conditional Formatting Excel Trick

Conditional formatting in Excel allows you to change cell format based on information within the cell. This formula allows you to quickly track information based on certain criteria. Color code cells based on averages above or below five percent, for example.

To apply conditional formatting:

  • Highlight the cells you want formatted
  • In the Home Menu, select ‘Conditional Formatting’
  • Select your logic from the drop-down menu, or create your own rule(s)
  • Enter more information in the pop-up menu (for more specific information)
  • Select ‘Ok’

How to Use Excel

These Excel tricks will help you use the program to make your work easier.

If you are using a Mac, minor adjustments in the program functions are necessary for navigation and shortcuts. Do not fret; these are easy to learn! You can even create your own shortcuts, as well. What is your favorite Excel trick?

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