Everything About Web Accessibility and Its Implications for Digital Marketing

When your business has an online existence, you aim that majority of your target audience has exposure to your business website, whether it is operational in a particular country or across the globe. But it is a well-known fact that only 80% to 85% of your target audience visit the website.

The remaining percentage is on account of those who can’t access the website due to some of the other forms of disability such as visual or hearing impairment, cognitive disabilities, motor impairments, etc. According to WHO’s recent World Report on Disability, around 15% of the global population faces disability, and approximately 5% of it is severe.

Everything About Web Accessibility and Its Implications for Digital Marketing

Besides the factor that the proportion of your target audience visiting your website is always less than 100%, the other more important implication of disabled target audience is that your website has to mandatorily be in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 issued by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). These Guidelines provide different practices to be adopted to make your website easily accessible to the disabled.

Both the above factors trigger the need for optimizing your website for the disabled, i.e., making it accessible. Once you implement this for your site you can easily see the results.


Website Accessibility and its Benefits

Website accessibility is removing the obstacles which hinder users with disabilities from using your website. It aims at equality for disabled with general users in the online user experience of websites to surf, purchase, gain information, etc.


Making your website accommodative for the disabled has the following important benefits:

  • Many countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, etc. have made it legally binding to optimize your website for easy access to the disabled target audience. Contravention to this amounts to punishment or suspension of the website. Thus, if you optimize your website for web accessibility, you will automatically be safe on legal grounds.
  • Also, it has been made mandatory by W3C that all businesses websites must abide by its WCAG 2.1 set of guidelines while developing and designing their websites so that they are optimum for all the disabled users to access and experience.
  • And not only disabled but also general users’ base can benefit a lot from this web accessibility optimization. There are users with temporary impairment to their arms, eyes, etc. who can benefit from this optimization.

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Thus, you now know the importance of web accessibility for your website. Since your website needs to be in line with WHAT 2.1 guidelines and to ensure maximum user visits to your website, you must optimize your website for easy access by the disabled. Disability can be in any form like Visual, Cognitive, Hearing, etc. and you need to provide solutions on your website accordingly.


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