Everything to Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets are one of the most preferred flooring options out there. They are used widely in both residential and commercial setups. And they are known to lift a space in both ways: comfort and class. They come in a variety of colors and materials. So, everyone has the option to select their favorite carpet.

But, being a flooring option, it attracts a lot of foot traffic. Thus, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning. In the present COVID-19 scenario, one has to be thorough when it comes to cleaning them. The best way is to hire a professional to clean it up. You can also take it as a DIY project, but it becomes time-consuming.

Here we have prepared a list of carpet cleaning methods that will provide you with all the insight you need to know about cleaning them.

Carpet Shampooing Method

This method of cleaning the carpet is one of the least effective methods out there. The process for carpet shampooing is simple. For this method, a special detergent is used for the application. After the application is done, a machine is used to stir the surface of the carpet. The last step is to use a specially designed vacuum cleaner for the sole purpose of sucking the detergent along with dirt.

The only downside of using this method is its failure to clean the dirt accumulated deep inside the carpet. It can make your carpet clean and shining from the exterior but deep inside, there might be remnants of dirt. You can’t perform this method on your own and this is where professional cleaners come in.

Dry Cleaning Method

The name of this method gives away its key feature i.e., it dries faster than other cleaning methods. This method is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods because of its zero downtime. This method can be performed by anyone; you just need the cleaning powder and vacuum machine.

The first step is to apply the cleaning powder to the entire surface. After the application of the powder, you just have to let it be for a particular period. After the completion of that time period, the carpet is vacuumed to clean that powder. The entire surface gets cleaned as the powder has already attracted dirt and vacuuming is just the final nail in the coffin. The carpet cleaning professional also uses an oxygenated cleanser to remove the dirt from its base.

Foam Method

This method of carpet cleaning is known for two reasons; first, it makes the carpet shiny, and second, it doesn’t take too much time for drying up. The foam method of carpet cleaning combines the best of two worlds. In simple words, it can be described as a blend of dry cleaning and shampoo methods. You need some shampoo for the application followed up with the dry-cleaning method.

Foam is created with the help of shampoo and some water. This foam catches the dirt from the carpet in the same way as the powder used in the dry-cleaning method. Vacuuming the surface removes the foam along with the dirt particles. The foam method of carpet cleaning is best suited for carpets made of tough material. It is because the hard surface helps is creating foam without damaging the material.

Steam Based Carpet Cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is one of the most widely used as it can be used on all types of carpets. If you want a versatile option, then you need to go for a steam-based carpet cleaning method. This method is simple to understand and effective when executed properly. But while cleaning, it needs to be carefully executed as excessive water can sip its way into carpet pads and can damage them.

It is advisable to leave this method of cleaning in the hands of experts. This method can only be performed by professionals as they have all the equipment. The machine they use throws pressurized steam and, at the same time, sucks the steam from the carpet. In the end, all the dirt is removed from the carpet as it sticks to steam which is later sucked in.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The bonnet carpet cleaning method is majorly used in commercial buildings. And it can’t be compared to other cleaning methods. But we know that commercial places attract the highest footfall when compared to any residential property. And for that, this method suits them best. It uses a simple process and keeps the carpet clean and free from any bad odor.

The chances of dirt remnants present inside the carpet surface are much higher than other cleaning methods. But it doesn’t matter for commercial places. You simply don’t want any foul smell coming from the carpet; the rest is fine. This method is simple to perform. The chemical detergent is applied to the carpet and it is cleaned up using a machine with absorbent pads.

The above-mentioned carpet cleaning methods are not the same and each one of them serves a different purpose. So, select the one that fits your criteria.


  1. I was really interested in the part of your article that mentioned steam cleaning and how it’s the most effective carpet cleaning method out there. We’ve recently let our relatives live with us at our much larger home, and I figured that this would necessitate cleaner carpets since more people are walking around the rooms that have them. With that in mind, I’ll look for a carpet cleaning professional and have them handle this so we can make sure our carpets are in the best condition at all times.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know before that shampooing is a legitimate method for carpet cleaning. I might need to start looking into such services because I’ve been getting interested in getting carpet flooring for some rooms in my home. If they start collecting too much dust, I would surely need to get professional carpet cleaning services for them.

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