Everything You Must Exploring While Traveling To The Buckingham Palace

Are you the next person from your group who will be visiting London very soon? If the answer is yes then you must make a list of the places that you will explore throughout your trip to London. The capital city of the UK is a stunning destination to explore. Everyone has seen London and its popular places in some of the popular movies, TV shows, and even music videos. You can check to get some basic tips and tricks for your next trip to London.

When you make the list of the palaces you are going to visit in London, you have to consider the significance of visiting Buckingham Palace. If you are among the people who love knowing more about the world, then Buckingham Palace would be a perfect destination for you. In the city of Westminster, it is part of the Royal London residence and a lot of people visit it every year.

If you want to visit this palace during your trip to London, you may want to know the following things about it to make your trip more pleasant.

What to know about the Buckingham Palace

First of all, you need to know that Buckingham Palace is located in the city of Westminster in London. It is considered to be the monarch’s official residence and official headquarters of the UK. There are a couple of different ways in which one can visit Buckingham Palace.

Fundamentally, you should know that Buckingham Palace is located in the heart of London and it is bordered by the stunning St James and Green Park. In the year 1703, Buckingham Palace was developed as the Buckingham Home. If you are ready to go on a trip to London, then you must keep Buckingham Palace at the top of your bucket list – especially if you want to learn more about the monarchy in England.

Interesting facts about Buckingham Palace

By learning a few basic facts about Buckingham Palace, you will be able to find out why this travel destination is so popular around the globe. In simple words, you want to be familiar with the things that have made this destination globally popular. Before you mark the dates to visit London and the Buckingham Palace, you might be interested to learn the below-mentioned facts:

  1. First of all, you need to know that Buckingham Palace covers more than 39 acres in terms of land space.
  2. According to some reports, it has more than 775 rooms.
  3. At the present moment, the palace is owned by the Crown Estates, not by the Queen.
  4. Buckingham Palace is open for public visits during the time from July to September. This is the time when the Queen will not be in the Royal Residence, so visitors can visit the palace without bothering her.
  5. It would be very fascinating to see the guard mounting ceremony at Buckingham Palace which has an overall length of 45 minutes
  6. In the same situation, you must know that Buckingham Palace has over 1514 doors as well as over 760 windows.
  7. You will see the Guards of Buckingham Palace wearing red uniforms that certainly look awesome.

History of the Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace can turn out to be a very important travel destination in London for you. This is why you need to be familiar with the history of this palace to make the most out of your visit. This palace was built for Duke Buckingham by a popular architect William Winde. As mentioned earlier, Buckingham Palace was built in 1703.

However, this palace was not a Royal Residence until King George III bought it in the year 1761. He purchased Buckingham Palace for his loving wife, Queen Charlotte. To get more details about the palace, you can use and make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Nearby attractions

Furthermore, it would be very interesting for people to know about the things that they can see near Buckingham Palace. Perhaps, you will explore all of the views and scenes of Buckingham Palace completely and you will need something more. If you have more time then you can visit a lot of other travel attractions near Buckingham Palace.

For example, you can recall the Green Park, the Guards Museum, Churchill War Rooms, the banqueting house, Westminster Abbey, Boat Trips, and the Household Cavalry Museum like several other tourist places that are near Buckingham Palace.

The preferable time to visit Buckingham Palace

There is no specific time to visit Buckingham Palace. However, you can visit it during the well-known shifting of the guard ritual when the royal protectors change their shifts.

How do you pay to visit Buckingham Palace?

As mentioned earlier, Buckingham Palace is not always open for public visits. This is why you need to know the exact time that you can visit Buckingham Palace. In addition to the time, the cost of visiting Buckingham Palace may vary and it is best to check the official website of the palace for up-to-date information.

We hope the article can make your trip to Buckingham Palace easier and more enjoyable.

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