Everything You Need To Know About Air Duct Cleaning

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system does invaluable work in the house. It traps contaminated particles in the air to reduce the risk of airborne allergies and illnesses. Since the system works in silence, it becomes easy to forget about duct cleaning and maintaining the entire system unless it jams.

Did you know you don’t need air duct cleaning services from professional companies such as Comfort Clean? Some parts are a DIY duct cleaning project, but the most sophisticated ones need this kind of help.

1- What Kind of Dirt Accumulates in Air Ducts?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a different point of view when it comes to cleaning the system. According to this body, dirt accumulated in the HVAC system when filtering the air is not comparable to that which settles on surfaces such as dust.

EPA continues to note that the dirt found in HVAC filters is not hazardous like that found on your house’s surfaces. Since the ducts are affordable, the body recommends buying other filters. It is more efficient and guarantees excellent duct cleaning. You can replace these filters on your own, and your heating and air conditioning system will be good to serve you for another bunch of years.

2- Other Contaminants

Besides particles collected during air filtration, your system can have mold growth, which is hazardous to your health. Because you can’t check the interior of your heating and air conditioning without specialized equipment, there are other ways to tell if there is mold growth.

If you notice a change of air in the environment to an awful odor and consistent dampness in your house, it can be a sign your vents have mold. You shouldn’t touch the vents but call for a professional cleaner to check for you with their specialized tools.

Additionally, your ducts can be infested by rodents and other vermin. When they enter these ducts, they can leave their droppings and even destroy the air ducts’ interior parts. As a result, the quality of air in your house becomes affected, which is unhealthy for those living there. Again, getting rid of these requires professional help, so you do not interfere with the alignment of your system.

For the parts you can reach and disassemble safely, such as floor grilles, cold air returns, and wall duct registers, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean. The grills are easy to unscrew, and you can unscrew them if you are unable to clean them properly with your vacuum cleaner.

3- How to Prevent Duct Contamination

Duct contamination can cause a lot of unwanted effects, especially on your health and your property. Because it is caused by dirt entering your ducts, here is how you can prevent it from happening:

  • When changing the filters, read the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual. They provide you with compatible and efficient filters that work excellently with your system.
  • Check and change your filters often. Do not wait until your system gets clogged and is no longer working to change the filters.
  • Check if all the filters have been fitted. If you miss some, contaminated air can pass through, causing duct contamination.
  • Even if your filters are getting checked for regular maintenance, request the contractor to clean the drain pans and the cooling coils.
  • Protect your heating and air conditioning system during renovation in your home. Cover the supply and return registers to avoid clogging them with dirt from work in progress. Keep them covered until the entire renovation and duct cleaning are complete.
  • Clean your house regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust. A HEPA certified vacuum cleaner is recommended since it does not increase the amount of dust in the air during duct cleaning.
  • Use your heating and cooling system according to what the manufacturer has recommended to help in achieving maximum efficiency.
  • In case of any leaks, seek professional assistance immediately before they become major risks.

How often do you opt for air duct cleaning services? Consider keeping your system clean and your living environment healthy with these tips today. If after cleaning the system DIY and still experience some discomfort, seek a professional cleaner. Before hiring, check if they are compliant with the EPA and if they have the equipment necessary to do the job.

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