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Everything You Need To Know About Auto Body Repair for Electric Vehicles

It’s no secret that electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity. EVs’ numerous functional qualities and environmental friendliness motivate the public to switch. The emergence of EVs necessitates a greater need for vehicle body repair, maintenance, and the replacement of particular parts, to mention a few. However, not all car repair companies specialize in electric vehicle repairs.

 The Fundamentals of EV Body Repair  

EV repairs are more expensive, more so when the batteries are damaged in a crash. Electric car parts and components are less commonly available than those for gas-powered vehicles. The length of time it takes to repair an electric vehicle’s body is determined by the amount of damage, the components’ availability, and the battery’s condition.

Electric vehicles need a different approach to towing, preparation, and maintenance procedures, necessitating the development of new technologies and bodyworker skills.

According to an expert in auto body repair in Pinellas Park, there are fundamentals of vehicle body repair that you should understand, including the following:

1. Parts  

The automotive parts used in electric vehicles differ substantially from those used in conventional vehicles. Because they are relatively new, obtaining the necessary repair components takes time. Aside from that, the parts are a few thousand dollars more expensive than those for standard autos.

2. Towing  

Towing electric vehicles necessitates the use of a flatbed. Towing them on their wheels may result in additional damage to the EVs’ electrical systems. Upon towing, the experts thoroughly inspect all EV parts for signs of damage.

3. Painting  

The painting procedure for electric automobiles differs from that of gas-powered vehicles. If the paint on an EV is damaged in an accident, the painting and curing procedure is more complicated than on conventional vehicles.

EV Body Repair Shops: What To Look For 

Your electric vehicle deserves the best treatment available. Here are some things to look for in an electric vehicle auto body repair shop:

1. Certifications  

When selecting an electric car body repair shop, look for the Automotive Service Excellence accreditation. Certifications demonstrate that an auto repair business can do excellent electric car repairs. A body repair expert with an ASE certification has passed the necessary exam and has at least two years of experience.

Other certificates exist for various areas of competence in vehicle maintenance. Feel free to inquire about their credentials when looking for auto shops in your neighborhood.

2. Years of Expertise  

Electric car repair services from a seasoned auto shop can never go wrong. Nothing surpasses years of experience since it demonstrates the necessary knowledge and ability to perform repairs. When looking for a facility specializing in electric vehicle bodywork, find out how long the shop has been handling EV repairs.

3. Excellent Reputation  

Experts can handle your electric car body repair needs. Their internet reputation typically indicates the level of services they offer. Customer reviews demonstrate their interaction with auto businesses. If the bulk of the reviews is less than four stars, look for another with a better rating.

4. Customer Support  

How car repair companies respond to inquiries about automobile bodywork services reflects how much they respect new and existing customers. Their patience and thorough explanations indicate that every money you’ll pay will be well spent.

What To Avoid When Looking for an Electric Vehicle Repair Shop  

When selecting an auto shop, consider the long term. You want to be able to visit an electric car repair shop in the future. An excellent working relationship with a trusted body works shop ensures that your EV is in good hands.

There are several signs you should avoid at all costs. Here are a few examples:

1. Offers That Aren’t Necessary  

You can come upon an electric car repair company that offers needless extra services. It may provide a change filter service, which is only recommended if it’s been a while since you last had one.

However, if they continue to demand after receiving a “no,” it’s time to find a new car shop. Check your EV’s documentation for the suggested maintenance schedule to prevent being duped by upsells.

2. Mediocre Diagnostic Abilities  

A team of specialists best handles electric car repair. Inadequate diagnostic abilities may result in needless repairs or more significant harm to your electric vehicle.

Ask questions regarding the solution if you need clarification on the recommended job. If the mechanics can’t defend their responses, it’s possible that they need more expertise with vehicles like yours.

3. Repair Services Are Expensive  

EV repairs are, indeed, pricey. They should not, however, be unreasonable. Some vehicle repair businesses frequently provide unnecessary items and labor costs. They do this to expedite the process rather than taking the time to determine what is wrong with your vehicle.

Ask them to break it down if your repair charge exceeds expectations. If it seems unfair, get advice from another car shop.

4. Pushy Staff 

Some auto businesses that provide electric car repairs pressure customers to use certain services. If they appear overly insistent about these issues, get in your car and drive away.

You want a business that prioritizes you and your vehicle. So, if the atmosphere feels odd, go to another car store instead.

 Key Takeaway  

Some maintenance concerns will always require attention, whether you drive an EV or a gas-powered car. However, EV owners should be aware that repairing the body of a gas-powered car is a lot different than with electric vehicles.

This is due to the electric vehicle’s unique specifications. You can consult your car’s user handbook for precise instructions or let this guide help you decide what actions to take when you damage your electric vehicle’s bodywork.

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  1. Thanks for also talking about how it’s important to also look for the right certifications when planning to find electric vehicle repair services. I’m interested in looking for a good service like that because I’m thinking about buying my own EV next year. Being able to find a reliable auto shop for its maintenance will be a good idea in the long run.

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