Everything You Need To Know About Buying Wireless Earbuds

What happens every time you reach to get your wired headphones from your bag or pant pockets? 

I will give you a hint- they come out like someone has been trying to intentionally tangle the wires! 

Untangling the wires of headphones is an experience no one wants to have. However, every time we try to put them away carefully, it appears as though the tangle is worse. 

Thankfully, in 2021 there is an alternative that is simple, convenient, affordable, and credible. 

Enter- Wireless Earbuds. 

Every other brand has an extensive line of wireless earbuds in the market today. Smartphones too are not coming anymore with 3.5mm jacks. 

In this article, we are going to look at everything important that you need to know before buying wireless earbuds. Specifically, we look at the factors you should consider and the advantages of earbuds over regular wired headphones.

List of 5 Things you should consider when buying Wireless Earbuds

1. The credibility of the brand

There is no doubt that wireless earbuds are the next big rage among brands and manufacturers. Everyone from Samsung to Apple and others is making them. However, when it comes to picking the right brand, you need to look at its history in manufacturing audio components. Given this, there is just one great brand that comes to mind- Bose.

2. The battery backup of the earbuds

Short battery life has always been a point of criticism for earbuds. While the situation has changed for the better, some brands offer earbuds with better battery life than others. If you buy a pair of wireless earbuds from a well-established and credible brand, you will enjoy a battery life of a week. Other manufacturers do not offer anything that lasts more than a day.

3. The storage case of the earbuds

A lot of buyers do not pay attention to the storage case and consider it as a lesser accessory. However, they forget that in reality, the storage case is where the earbuds will get charged. They also need to be strong enough to ensure that no damage takes place to the earbuds. This is a great way to filter ordinary and average brands. Good brands create excellent storage cases. 

4. The design and fitment of the earbuds

Almost all brands have succeeded as far as creating good-looking earbuds. However, what they have not been able to concentrate on is the build quality. Earbuds from substandard brands easily break. Another thing that you need to consider is how the earbuds fit in your ears. Here too, it is the good brands that do extensive research and studies to ensure there is no problem. 

5. The features of the earbuds

Sound quality is something that almost all of us look for when buying wireless earbuds. However, we should also consider features like voice calling, an inbuilt microphone, swipe gestures, one-touch connectivity, and the latest Bluetooth technology. You want a piece of wireless earbuds that are loaded to the gills with the latest features and advancements.

Advantages of using Wireless Earbuds over Wired Headphones

In this section, we are going to look at some of the major benefits of using wireless earbuds- 

  • Using wireless earbuds is incredibly convenient for users. They help instill a sense of freedom and independence in terms of carrying them around everywhere. 
  • In terms of sound quality, wireless earbuds perform better than wired headphones. Good ones also come with active noise canceling that helps in better performance. 
  • When it comes to using them during heavy physical exercises like working out in the gym, you can rest assured that they won’t drop. This is a great thing for fitness freaks. 
  • The best smartphones have stopped coming with headphone jacks anymore. You can use your wireless earbuds to connect them to your smartphone. 
  • as compared to wired headphones, wireless earbuds are sturdier and more robust. This translates them into having a better shelf life and lifespan than their wired siblings.

The Bottom Line

We have tried to list down important pointers that can help inform your decision to buy wireless earbuds. From better convenience to improved sound quality, wireless earbuds are the future in this technological niche. If you have any questions, you would like us to address, feel free to ask us in the comments below. 

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