Everything You Need to Know about Clash of Desert

Are you looking for a combat strategy game that you can play on mobile? Well, look no further, because in this article we are going to tell you about Clash of Desert, a popular combat strategy game that can be played on any Android device.

Clash of Desert is a free to play mobile game that is developed by IGG. It is a combat strategy game where you fight with players from all over the world to become the world’s greatest warlord. The game is simple and easy to play. The best part of the game is that it is available in 3 languages, Arabic, Turkish and English. By default, the game is in Arabic but you can change the language to English from the settings.

The game is set in the Arabian Desert where you fight against different enemies from all over the world. To defeat your enemies, you have to destroy their castles, army camps, town hall, etc. You can destroy the enemies by gathering resources to build the army. But, before building your army, you need to build a town that can defend the attacks from your enemies. To make it all work, you need to create a plan and have a clear strategy to become the greatest warlord in the game.

Game Features

In the game, you need to gather resources that can be used in building the town and army. Without gathering an ample amount of resources, you may not be able to defeat your enemies. These resources can help you in hiring the heroes which are a significant part of this game. These heroes have special abilities and they can help in destroying enemy castles and towers. There are different types of heroes and you can use them during the battles.

This game allows you to create an army of different troops such as Swordsmen, Cavalry, and janissaries. With these troops, you can create a powerful army. You can also join alliances that can help you defeat the enemies. Once you have built the town and army, you will be able to raid the enemy towns and loot their resources.

It is a great game for anyone who likes strategy-based combat games where you fight with players from different parts of the world. The main goal of the game is to defeat all the enemies and become the greatest leader of the Arabian Desert.

Clash of Desert Gameplay

Just like any other combat strategy game, the gameplay of Clash of Desert is simple. You need to defeat all your enemies if you want to become the greatest leader. To defeat the enemies, you have to make strategies. You must have a clear plan for creating the town and how you’re going to defend it if the enemies attack your town. You must have a top-notch army that can defend the town against the enemies. If your army isn’t good enough then you might not be able to defend your town.

You can say the same for the attack. If your army isn’t good enough then you might not be able to destroy enemy towns or castles. So, you must focus on building a great army in this game. You must have cavalry, swordsman, and some other type of troops in the army. In order to have such an army, you should have a clear plan from the start.

You can also hire heroes in this game but these heroes cost quite a fortune. So, you must a good amount of resources to spend on these heroes which you can use to win the battles.

Clash of Desert is only available on Google Play Store and users with Android devices can play this game. However, you can play this game on Windows PC as well. In order to play the game on Windows PC, you need to install the android emulator on your computer as Clash of Desert doesn’t have a desktop. So, to play the game on a PC, you need to install an android emulator. Once you have installed the emulator, you will be able to play all the Android games on your PC.

There you have it! This is all you need to about Clash of Desert. If you have any queries pertaining to the game then do let us know.

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