Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Splash Pads

Nowadays, splash pads are becoming more popular as a swimming pool substitute for businesses. This attraction can offer companies enhanced consumer interaction and reduce running expenses. Splash pads have security features to protect patrons and children. If the event organizer creates a splash pad at the event, the attendees will start interacting with one another more rapidly.

The bucket above is prepared to shower down on the children, and water cannons can be blasted. Splash pads are fantastic for the whole family because they promote interaction between kids and parents. Splash pads are fun for people of all ages since they provide a variety of spray zones. 

What are commercial splash pads?

A splash pad or spray pool is an outdoor leisure space with little standing water. As an alternative to swimming pools, splash pads are growing in popularity worldwide. Commercial splash pads allow children to play in the water and offer extensive sensory experiences.

  • Infinite space
  • Little to no standing water
  • Stabilizing flooring
  • Seating that promotes adult conversation
  • A place that is inclusive of all ages and abilities
  • Play climbers, water walls, and water tunnels are accessible
  • Hardware, installation guidelines, and suggested tools
  • Water play equipment is designed to float at a depth of 0 to 6 inches

Safety features of commercial splash pads

Children on your commercial property can play in a secure area with little to no chance of drowning, thanks to the splash pads that have little to no standing water. Commercial splash pad cost provides several surfacing alternatives in addition to the usual broom finish. Their surface possibilities include the following:

  • Rubber and resin are combined and then applied to the concrete.
  • Adding fine aggregate particles to the concrete finish of your splash pad
  • A seamless, flexible rubber surface has been poured into place.

Cost benefits of commercial splash pads

When you invest in a splash pad, your business might also profit from the following financial advantages.

  • Construction

Splash pads are much less expensive to build initially than swimming pools. A splash pad also doesn’t require many security components for swimming pools, such as administration buildings, gates, and fencing. Splash pads may be installed more quickly than swimming pools, so your business won’t have to stop for very long. This has another cost advantage.

  • Maintenance

After it is constructed, maintenance for commercial splash pad cost is much lower than those for swimming pools. Additionally, equipment running expenses are significantly reduced, particularly in a pass-through system that doesn’t require the usage of pumps, filters, or chemicals. If a splash pad has filters, you may need to clean them frequently, especially if children bring dirt, grass, or other debris onto the surface. You may program a schedule to alternate which filter gets cleaned and maintained if you have numerous filters.

  • Operations

When compared to operating expenditures for a swimming pool, splash pads are less expensive. You might not need access control staff if you don’t charge guests to use your splash pad. There are typically fewer safety concerns, and you don’t need to hire lifeguard staff.

Summing it up

To draw in families and keep them coming back time and time again, they supply play equipment to entertainment venues like museums, churches, retail stores, trampoline parks, gyms, and amusement parks. They know how to build enjoyable play for kids, parents, and businesses that are the world’s oldest manufacturer of confined playground equipment.

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