Everything You Need to Know About Pet Technology in 2021

Did you know that most dog owners spend around $1,200 a year on their pets? That figure includes food, veterinary care, and, of course, treats and toys.

You’re probably wondering, ‘How could a dog need all that stuff?’.

Most times, it’s not down to the dog. It’s more a matter of what their owners think they need. It seems no expense is too much for America’s best-loved best friends.

Now, there are even more ways to pamper your pooch than ever before. Check out this pet technology for the pet or pet owner who has (almost) everything.


Automatic Ball Launcher

Do you have an exceptionally active dog like a border collie that simply has no off button? It’s important to keep your pet well exercised, but it’s also important to preserve your throwing arm for another day.

The iFetch is the perfect present for never-ending ball throwing sessions. It works like the ball launchers used in tennis practice, can launch a ball up to 30 yards, and doesn’t quit until the battery runs out.

You can also plug it into a wall socket for an indoor game of fetch when the weather isn’t playing along.

During the summer you can keep your dog cool during an extended session with a dog cooling collar. This dog bandanna’s made from a fabric that’s designed to stay cool for ages once it’s wet and can help keep your dog at the top of its game.


Go-Pro for Dogs

See things from your dog’s perspective with this GoPro harness that attaches to its back. This fully-washable attachment works will all Go-Pros and can provide hours of amusement during a game of fetch, or the average playtime.

Apart from good clean fun, this device can help you discover if it really is a dog’s life or spy on what they get up to when you’re out of sight.

The Go-Pro Fetch fits all size dogs from small breeds to giants. Get ready to record some viral YouTube moments.


State-Of-The-Art Spy Cam

If you like to keep tabs on your pet or feel bad when they’re home alone, the PetCube Play is just the gadget for you.

This stylish-looking box blends right in with your decor and allows you to keep an eye on your pet while you’re not at home. You can also talk to them through the device and it has a laser light so you can initiate a game once you have their attention.

The PetCube features a microphone, a speaker, a low-intensity laser pointer, and a wide-angle camera.


Human-Inspired Pet Technology

Nowadays our pets can enjoy many of the same gadgets we do. You can get a whole range of pet goodies inspired by the human world. How about these:

  • A doggie smartphone
  • Fitbit for dogs
  • Interactive bones
  • Anti-anxiety chambers
  • Interactive games

Does that seem a little far-fetched to you?


Don’t Forget the Cats

Cats aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but they also have their fair share of innovations available on the market today.

The Cheerble ball is a rechargeable cat ball that develops a life of its own at playtime. This cat-sized orb jumps and rolls around specially made playboards and can keep the average cat transfixed for hours.

Each play area has different obstacles and hidey-hole for the ball, so your cat never gets bored with the variety of games on offer.


Everything a Pampered Pet Could Need

What about seeing to your pet’s daily needs in the smartest way possible? The smart water fountain has a huge reservoir, so your pet never runs out of something refreshing to drink.

It dispenses its dose of water in a few creative ways too. You can choose from flowing, bubbling, or other modes. It’s ideal for pets that prefer to drink flowing water and makes a much more attractive feature than an ordinary old bowl.

Even your pet will agree it’s way better than the toilet bowl.

If you have more than one pet, food time can be a bit of a gamble. Who knows who’s helping themselves to someone else’s rations half the time? The Pet Feeder Connect takes care of it all for you.

You simply program it according to a microchip on your pet’s collar and it does the rest. When food time rolls around, and a pet approaches, the Pet Feeder Connect doles out their exact portion and then waits for the next dinner guest to arrive.

This feeder works for dogs and cats and saves you from rushing home to feed them if you’re out at dinner time.

What goes in must come out, right? The Litter-Robot is the cat litter box of the century. It’s silent, doesn’t need any litter bags, and lets you monitor your cat’s visits via an app on your phone.

It’s basically a high-tech cat toilet!

Now thanks to all these gadgets, your cat really can survive without you, which just proves what they’ve known all along.


What Your Pet Really Needs

All the pet technology in the world means nothing to your pet without your love and companionship. Always make sure you meet your animal’s immediate needs before you go splurging on extravagant extras.

They’re just as happy with a game of fetching a plain old stick or rolling a ball of yarn around as they are with the latest, greatest toy.

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