Everything You Need to Know about Quadrant Enclosures – and Their Many Benefits

If you are planning to fit a new shower unit or enclosure in your bathroom, you have more than a few options – but if you have a bathroom that doesn’t have much space, there’s one option that may be perfect for you: a quadrant shower enclosure. Quadrant shower enclosures have become in high demand recently, perhaps because of their ease and convenience – particularly in formerly cramped bathroom spaces. It features a curved front and is ideally suited to fit into a corner or alcove of your bathroom.

Even homeowners with ample bathroom space choose to go for a quadrant enclosure because it suits the rest of their bathroom furniture and elements nicely. But what else should you know about quadrant enclosures that would make them an excellent choice for your bathroom? Read on to find out.

It saves space

You probably knew this already, but it doesn’t hurt to expound on it further. Because its front is curved, it will not protrude or extend too far into the bathroom as any other unit. Also, because it’s in a quadrant shape, it gives you plenty of space to move around (especially from side to side) whilst you’re in the shower but lets you save on forwards-and-backward space, which isn’t a necessity when you’re showering.

It has a soft shape

Unlike other bathroom elements, which tend to be made of stronger, more robust shapes, quadrant shower enclosures have a natural, curved shape that gives your bathroom a softer, less edgy look and appeal. It also goes well with other rounded elements, such as an oval or round bath, a round bathroom suite, and more. But it also works both ways – if you plan to have a rectangular bath, for example, having a softer shape with a quadrant enclosure will offer a striking contrast – and it just might work!

It works well with a variety of layouts

If your bathroom happens to have an odd layout – for example, your bathroom could be a loft bathroom or have sloping ceilings, or it could have a recess – or your bathroom layout could mean that your basin or toilet is in a weird space – a quadrant shower enclosure may be just what you’re looking for. The standard shower enclosure or unit may pose some headaches, but a quadrant shower enclosure may be the right fit.

It gives you other options

Another aspect that works in the quadrant enclosure’s favor is that it gives you another option – the offset quadrant option. So what is an offset quadrant? Well, it is the same as a quadrant shower enclosure – but it is bigger, and you can even choose from a left-hand or right-hand version. It is also attractive and appealing and well worth considering if you have some extra space, and the shower enclosure also comes with seal strips that prevent any leakage and keep the water inside.

It comes with easier maintenance

Perhaps another aspect that may come as a welcome bonus is that quadrant enclosures are easier to keep clean. For example, you have to clean two whole glass panels with a square or rectangular enclosure, but with a quadrant shower enclosure, you only have to contend with a single curved glass panel to clean.

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