Everything You Need to Know About the Law and the Vape Industry

There is a lot of uncertainty around vaping. Due to it being a relatively new entry into the public sphere, it’s been embraced without laws, and public knowledge of those laws has a chance to catch up. Therefore, if you’re someone who’s looking to start vaping, it can be difficult to know where you stand – especially with a lot of these rules getting confused with what applies to smoking.

Clearing up the confusion can put you on the right path to enjoying this activity without the uncertainty, though it might require you to conduct some research into the wider industry.

No Smoking/No Vaping

The biggest point of overlap between smoking and vaping in regards to the law might come in the areas where you’re not allowed to do either. Due to the reduced health risks that are associated with vaping compared to its more established counterpart, it’s easy to feel as though the laws around vaping in public spaces would be more lenient – though this often isn’t the case. In order to reflect this, the signage around public places has often been updated to clarify this.

When in doubt, however, it might be best to simply ere on the side of caution – opting not to vape anywhere you think it would be unacceptable to smoke as well. That being said, the laws are not exactly the same, and it is still more legally acceptable to vape in public spaces much of the time than it would be for smoking.

Disposable Vape Bans

There is a lot of controversy around disposable vapes due to the health risks that they can pose and the negative impact that they have on the environment. As a result, action is being taken in many countries like the UK to ban disposable vaping devices. At first, this might seem like something that would be very transformative for the vaping industry as a whole – and while there’s no way of telling what the future might hold, there are a huge number of options for consumers in the form of pre-filled vapes through outlets like

While potentially representing more of an initial investment, the ability to customize your vaping experience to a greater extent might be beneficial to your enjoyment and even your health if you can limit nicotine consumption.

Different Countries, Different Rules

As with other recreational activities like online gambling, it’s worth being aware of how the laws surrounding vapes might change from place to place. It can be easy to get into a mindset where you’re casually vaping in the same way wherever you are without giving it much thought, but having a heightened awareness of your surroundings might help you avoid a sensitive situation.

Researching the countries where vaping is legal and illegal is a good place to start, as it’s something that can inform your travel plans and have you thinking about your vape usage in relation to these plans.

Vaping is something that many people find enjoyable and relaxing, and clearing up the laws around it as an activity can free it up to do what it does best for you.

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