Everything You Need to Know About Vape Tanks

One of the most important inventions of the vaping industry is the vape tank. It allows you to hold as much e-juice as you like, making the vaping experience tidy and enjoyable. However, many vapers, especially beginners, hardly know anything about vape tanks and how they work. Continue reading this post to learn more about the vape tank.

The Tube

A vape tank has a tube that holds the e-juice. Manufacturers use glass because vapers like to see their juice vaporize. Also, glass is inert and does not react with the juice, eliminating the risk of contamination or flavor changes. Vape device makers often use reinforced glass such as Pyrex for their tubes. While Pyrex can break, it offers exceptional heat resistance and durability.

Some companies now experiment with polycarbonate and stainless steel tubes in place of glass tanks, but glass leads the pack as the most reliable vape tank material. If you are shopping for a new vape tank, a model with a gas tube is a worthy investment.

The Coil

When shopping for a vape tank, buy one with a removable coil. A replaceable coil is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. That means you don’t have to dispose of your vape tank when the coil burns out. You can buy pre-built coils or make yours with wires and cotton wool.

Replacing your vape tank coil with a homemade one may sound difficult to the beginner considering factors like resistance, wattage, and other technical jargon. However, building a coil is simple, straightforward and the materials are readily available.

The Top Cap

The top cap is a metal component that supports the vape tank’s mouthpiece. In some models, the cap may feature a valve to control airflow to the tip or juice flow to the coil. The vapor dissipates heat through the top cap before it hits the mouthpiece, making it more comfortable to draw the vapor out of the tank. High-end tanks allow you to refill the tank from the top cap, saving you time, particularly if your tank is small.

The Bottom Cap

A benefit of investing in one of the best vape tanks is airflow control. Most advanced vape tanks achieve this through a base cap that you can adjust to control the amount of air reaching the atomizer. Higher airflow improves lung inhalation and vapor production: two factors dear to cloud chasers. If you crave mouth inhalation and enhanced flavor, lower airflow is a desirable feature.

You can shut the cap while refilling the tank to prevent leakage and open it to adjust airflow into the vape tank.

Drip Tip

The drip tip is the part of the vape tank that you place on your lips to draw out vapor. Depending on the vape tank you buy, the drip tip may be removable or non-removable, but the former makes cleaning and maintenance faster.

The tip is often made of glass, although some manufacturers use stainless steel. Glass is the preferred choice of most vapers as it does not affect the e-juice’s flavor.

There are multiple components of a vape tank, and all parts play an important part in the vaping experience. When selecting a vape tank, keep these parts in mind to choose the best tank for you.

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