Everything You Need to Wear for Your First Camping Trip

Part of enjoying your first outdoor adventure involves wearing the right clothes. Here is everything you need to wear for your first camping trip.

With the coronavirus continuing to impact on travel, camping provides a great domestic vacation alternative.

It was already a popular pastime before the pandemic. 61 per cent of US households include someone who goes camping.

Yet many people have never been camping before. It can seem daunting to arrange a trip hiking with friends.

What should you take with you? What should you wear on your first camping trip?

Read on to learn more.

Prepare Yourself for Your First Camping Trip

For clarity, we’re talking about camping when you don’t have facilities nearby. You may not even camp near your car so you need to carry your clothing with you.

Check what time of year you’ll be going on your trip. The best seasons for camping are spring and summer, but we’ll include options for fall and winter.

Remember in fall or winter, clothing should keep you dry and warm. In summer, it’s there to keep you cool and protect you from insect bites and sunburn.

Wear Layers

Dress in layers. This means you can discard the outer layers if you get too warm. If it gets cold, the layers keep air between them which keeps you warm.

The layer nearest your skin should be made from wool or something synthetic. Its sole purpose is to take moisture (i.e. sweat) away from the skin. This keeps you dry.

Avoid plant-based materials like cotton for the inner layer. These absorb moisture so they won’t keep you dry.

Try to avoid the temptation to wear shorts in summer. Bare legs are a magnet for insect bites, poisonous plants, and sunburn. A combination of lightweight shirts and pants will protect your bare skin.

The next layer will be thicker and provides warmth when you need it. Hoodies or fleeces are a good option, or you can layer thinner jumpers for extra insulation.

Finally, your outer layer needs to be waterproof. Anything with a hood is a great choice to help keep the rain or snow away.

Hats for Camping

The best hats for camping in fall or winter are wool or fleece to keep the heat in. Hats with ear flaps are also a good choice.

In spring or summer, choose hats with a visor. This helps to cut down on glare so you can see where you’re going.

Hats designed with the sun in mind also help you to keep direct heat from your head.

Footwear for All Seasons

The best camping footwear is suitable for all seasons. Boots are the best choice because they support your feet and ankles.

Waterproof hiking boots will help you avoid splashes, even in good weather.

If you’re hiking somewhere with a lot of snow or ice, you may want something with more grip. Combine them with woolen socks for extra warmth.

For other alternatives, check out this article from

Enjoy Your Trip!

Now you know what to wear on your first camping trip! Leave your expensive clothes at home and only take clothes suitable for camping.

Dress to suit the seasons and the terrain and you can’t go far wrong.

Interested in other fashion tips and advice? Check out our lifestyle articles for more tricks.

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