Everything You Should Know About Brick Slip Cladding: What is it, and What are its Benefits?

Today, many homeowners and business owners choose to redecorate and remodel their homes and workplaces with brick slip cladding.

If you have been wondering if you should do the same thing, you should first learn all you can about it – and what makes it beneficial.

First of all, what you should know about brick slip cladding is that it is highly reliable and is made to last.

If you want to have an interior or exterior wall finished in no time, then you’re better off choosing brick slip cladding than installing a wall brick-by-brick, which is a long and arduous process. But what else should you know about this material of choice?

Here’s everything you should know about brick slip cladding: what it is, its benefits, and more.

The basics of the material

Simply put, brick slip cladding is comprised of a kind of ‘skin’ attached to your external or internal walls that are usually made from bricks or materials that are ecologically friendly and sustainable.

It is a lightweight material, unlike an actual brick wall, which is heavy to build (which may require an expert). Brickslips are a great alternative to real brick walls and are both cost-effective and durable.

Mind you, it is not wallpaper printed with brick ‘images’ – it is much more realistic than that because it uses bricks with real textures.

The only difference is that the bricks are already laid flat and pressed onto panels – and it is these panels that you can install on your wall, fireplace, and more.

What are its benefits and advantages?

– It offers a completely natural appearance

One of the best aspects of brick slip cladding is that it looks completely natural – in fact, many people have a hard time distinguishing brick slips from actual bricks! Brick slips are designed to replicate both the look and texture of natural bricks.

If you try to construct a façade or wall using the traditional brick-laying method, you know very well that it can take a long time to finish and has to be done by an expert. Brick slip cladding is a less time-consuming and less costly alternative.

– It saves space and is lightweight

With brick slip walls and cladding, you can benefit from a lightweight construction material – moreover, it allows you to save space. Natural or actual bricks are very solid and heavy – but brick slips weigh a fraction of that (about 1/3 of a natural brick).

Brick slips also take up very little space compared to their natural counterparts – they are slim and take up only the front face of actual bricks, which lets you save on space. And because they are slim and save space, they are easier to use for more complex features and designs.

– It is easily installed

Another key benefit of brick slip cladding is that they are easily installed. You can apply it to pre-existing walls, and it will have no problem adhering to them.

This is one perfect reason why many homeowners and business owners are choosing brick slip cladding over the real thing – installing it is a breeze, and you can have a whole interior or exterior wall built in no time at all.

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