Evolution of FIFA Games

FIFA 22 was released last year and is number 29 of all the games. The players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the best ones in the game, with a high rating. These high-class players are followed by Neymar and Robert Lewandowski. The newcomer Kylian Mbappe is also on that list of the best players. A lot has changed in the game since it celebrated its first release. Here are more facts about the history of FIFA.

Many things changed over the decades. Video games were meant to be for having fun with family and friends or by yourself, which turned into another league with the invention of eSports. It was also a chance for people to get easily more into sports and feed their interests over the screen. eSports became more popular than actual conventional sports. Video game history began with classic retro games such as Pac-Man and Atari, today games like Fortnite, GTA, Minecraft, and FIFA are in trend. They all contain strategy, timing, patience, and resilience.


FIFA Games History

The first FIFA game that ever came out was released in 1993. It became ground-breaking with its isometric technology, which was popular during that time. National teams were included but no real players. The game was available on SEGA Mega Drive and SNES.

In 1995, another game was released with more high-tech features like 3D graphics, which was called “Virtual Stadium”. It was the first game that contained real name players and positions based on ranking. It was also possible to edit players and teams, and it was played on the Sega Saturn and the PlayStation.

FIFA 98 came out in 1997 and had a cover with David Beckham on it. The first game with a soundtrack of popular bands like Blur. Players were able to change the settings on the strictness level, so they could have some punishment-free fouls. For that reason, it’s the first game where you can change the settings and set your own. There are many reasons why FIFA 98 is ranked as one of the best games. This game you could play on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

In 1999, the game FIFA 2000 was released, and you could play these on Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Color, and PlayStation. The feelings towards that game are mixed. Esports players believed that the game was shallow and cartoonish. On the cover, there was Sol Campbell and Robbie Williams was on the soundtrack of it. A great thing about it was, that it had more than 40 teams, so you had the option to play with different football legends.

It is also mentioned, that Esports gained lots of popularity in many countries over the years. One country that showed significant growth is India. The Establishment of football, cricket, and hockey shows that the country is passionate about its sports. That is one of the reasons why sports betting is so popular there. When it comes to football, the community is huge. At, you may get free betting advice on the Champions League and the World Cup, to mention a few. So, you can easily improve your skills. However, FIFA has become an inspiration for many countries, and it’s great to see that international football teams are included in the game.

FIFA 2003 was a better game, though. This one was released in 2002 with better graphics, realistic quality of players, and a new Championship Mode. The coolest feature was the “Freestyle Control” which allowed players to flick the ball, for example. Another thing that was introduced in this FIFA game was EA Trax, which means that you could listen to different kinds of soundtracks which makes the game even more entertaining. This game was available on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

FIFA 06 came out in the year 2005 and made a major change by having better control over the game. A new feature was also the chemistry between the team players, so you could see how well they played together. Also, the retro feature puts fans back to nostalgia with classic moments and playing FIFA 94. Ronaldinho and Rooney were on the covers, and you could play this game on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo GameCube.

FIFA 11 was introduced in 2010 and hit with a new feature by playing the goalkeeper, which was never possible in earlier games. The technology also increased with the passing system, a career mode, where you can act as a manager. You could play it on Wii, PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360.

FIFA 14 was available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Artificial intelligence was updated too, so the player became more human than before, and there was also an option to change the weather conditions.

The games FIFA 17 and FIFA 19 were pretty like each other. In the games, you play Alex Hunter, who is a young player who has been signed for the Premier League. In three games, the player decides about his career path. In FIFA 19 you can see Alex playing for Real Madrid.

FIFA 20 showed huge success with the game mode “FIFA Volta” which includes a street football series, where you can play indoors and design your character. The new game mode is also found in FIFA 21 with the option of customization when creating a new player.

Looking back on all the games, FIFA shows a technical evolution, and every game is unique. On the internet, you will find many speculations about FIFA 23, so we can’t wait till it is released!

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