Necessary Preparation For Couple To Get The Expected Results of an IVF Treatment

There is no denying the fact that the result of an IVF treatment considerably depends on the doctor and the procedure of the treatment. At the same time, the reality is that the patient has to prepare according to the guidelines of the doctor. The preparation before the surgery decides the success rate of the treatment. The more the patient is the medically fit, the higher the chances of the Best Infertility Treatment in India.

Now, the patient might be confused about what is to be done before the treatment for the preparation. Well, to avoid the confusion, all the do’s and don’ts are specified by the doctor. Here is the list of the things you shall practice and you should avoid.


  • Say Yes To Good Life for Minimum of Three Months:

If you are addicted to the smoke and drinking, make sure you avoid it for a minimum period of three months. It is applicable to both the male and female partners. If you do not quit smoking and drinking habits, then it will considerably affect the sperm count & quality in a man; and quality of egg in a woman.


  • Improve Your Eating Habits:

The better you eat, the better it keeps your health. Make sure you are on a balanced diet for three to six months. It will keep all the nutrients intact in your body, you can manage your hormonal balance, and also the required hemoglobin for the pregnancy. If you keep on eating fast food or preservative food; the chances of conceiving even through IVF are considerably reduced. You shall also avoid drinking water from outside; it can be contaminated and introduce the viruses in your body, which can further delay your conceiving.


  • No Stress:

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of fertility. So, when you are already planning a child, it is not at all recommended that you should seek any stress or tension. You shall be smiling and in a jolly mood whenever you want to become a mother. Notably, the female partner should not worry much or it can lead to miscarriage even if you conceive. If you think you lack pleasant surroundings, go out for a vacay. Spend time with your partner, yourself, and your hobbies. Go for sth that keeps you happy. Painting, music, indoor/outdoor games or anything you like to do. Just say no to stress.


  • Sound Sleep:

The doctors recommend a good sleeping pattern to be followed if you are planning for pregnancy. 7+ hours of sleep is a must. Sleep early and wake up early. Add a nice exercise schedule, and you are entirely fit for the IVF procedure.


Final Words:

IVF Treatment Price in India is lower than in other countries, but there is no denying the fact that IVF is one of the most expensive treatment procedures. So, when you are paying a high amount for treatment, and want to conceive; minor changes in your daily schedule shall not bother you much.

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