Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Bed Sheet

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right bed sheets for your bedroom, but also some widespread myths. A high-quality bed lining can drastically improve your overall sleep experience and make every morning a special one. Therefore, this article summed up some expert tips when choosing the ideal bed sheet to help you make the right decision.

Thickness and threads 

One of the things greatly influencing the quality of your sheets is the thread count and the resilience of the sheets. Now, one myth is “ the higher the count the better the sheets”, but not exactly. Though the thread count is important, it is not the only thing by which you can determine the overall value of the sheets. The count generally refers to the number of vertically and horizontally placed threads per square inch. So, the higher the number, the tougher, yet what is more important is the material.

The threads hold it all together, therefore, before looking at the count and number, pay closer attention to the actual material, as this is far more important.

Some materials to consider 

Cotton has proven to be a great choice. Another alternative is blended which contains polyester, a durable and tough material known to last long, yet contains plastic. Cotton will suit your skin, won’t irritate it, and is 100% natural. Poly blends are a cheaper alternative, but if you have sensitive skin, you might think twice before buying. Something new on the market, which emerged in the last couple of years, is bamboo-made sheets.

These are some great sheets, made out of rayon from bamboo. They have a nice and soothing cooling effect, are cheaper than some expensive materials we mentioned, and are extremely durable. Linen sheets are some of the most expensive ones, yet the softness and feel are like nothing you know. Linen sheets are like wine and become better with time. They are tough and resilient.  

Look at how they are woven 

One expert tip is to look at the way your sheets are woven. As the thread count plays a role in the overall toughness of the sheets, the way they are woven greatly influences their softness and texture. For example, if the fibers are super tight, it can make the sheets more durable though they lack the softness needed for a good night’s sleep, while other techniques can make them more crispy and smooth. Sateen is a style where you have more vertical than horizontal threads resulting in an amazing softness similar to that of the satin, the material.

good nights sleep

Think of maintenance 

When buying sheets, you should know that maintaining and washing them is an essential part of the deal. Washing your sheets regularly reduces the risk of occurring allergies and other skin conditions. It is desirable to wash them every two to three weeks, especially during the summer when temperatures are rising. Therefore, think of how the different materials react to the treatment and consider going with something easier to maintain. For example, cotton is easy to wash and requires hot water. Poly blends are more accustomed to warmth and have fewer wrinkles contrary to cotton which can get quite wavy. 

These tips might help you narrow down your search for your perfect sheets, make sure to follow the given advice and do not let the bedbugs bite you. 

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