6 Unforgettable Ways to Explore the City of Sydney and Its Picturesque Harbour Area

No matter where you’re from or when you decide to visit, Sydney is always a good choice of travel destination. It has everything a traveler might need: the beaches, the ocean, the impressive architecture, the culture, the restaurants, and the most beautiful harbor in this part of the world. But

Sydney has a population of over 5 million and an area of over 12,000 km2—how do you see everything during your city and harbor trip? Here are some amazing ideas for your Sydney exploration and an unforgettable travel adventure:

Choose your location smartly

The location of your accommodation is extremely important, keep that in mind. If you don’t know how to choose the best spot for your hotel, hostel or Airbnb, here’s what you should do: choose something in the area you want to explore the most, especially during the night. It’s much easier to have an evening walk and return to your apartment when you’re staying nearby.

If you’re into partying, exploring busy art districts during the night, or grabbing beers and burgers after midnight, staying in surrounding “villages” might waste a lot of time and money. Consider what’s important to you—views of the harbor, morning beach walks, cafes for brunch, restaurants for dining—and choose your accommodation accordingly.

Choose your location Sydney

Get familiar with public transportation

Australia is an amazing place for travel, especially for road trips. However, during your Sydney stay, don’t bother with it—it will cause you more trouble than good. Sydney is not very driver-friendly, with its many one-way streets, weekend traffic jams, and scarce and expensive parking. But, if you just get a little bit familiar with public transport, you’ll see that you absolutely don’t need a car in Sydney.

The city is lined with buses, trains, and ferries which allow you to explore the area quickly, comfortably, and cheaply. Plus, you don’t even need to buy the Opal transport card. Today, you can simply tap your credit card and pay for your ride.

Take a hike

Sure, Sydney’s public transportation is amazing, but your feet are even better. When in Sydney, make sure to attempt at least one hike. Since Sydney weather allows hiking all year long, the city and its surrounding area are very rich in walking tracks, so at least pick one to take during your stay.

Take a hike Sydney

For instance, if you’re only moderately fit and active, a Taronga to Balmoral walk is a great choice for singles and families, with great harbor views and many spots to take a break. And, of course, there’s the famous Bondi to Coogee walk, which is almost impossible to resist.

Spend some time on the water

The harbor is impressive to look at from the firm land, but it’s even more breathtaking when you enjoy it from the water. While farriers are always a great idea for a quick boat ride, hiring a boat on your own is instantly more comfortable, adventurous, and fun. If you opt for a luxurious boat hire in Sydney, you’ll get to choose from sleek speed boats, sailboats, and sailing catamarans to big super yachts.

These are perfect when you want to see everything Sydney Harbour has to offer. You’ll get close to sites, enjoy ultimate luxury, and get to take some unforgettable pictures for your Instagram. Even if you’re not usually traveling in style, it’s worth every cent to treat yourself with a private harbor sail.

Visit a farmer’s market

There are many ways to explore Sydney, one of them being taking a visit to the farmer’s markets. These markets offer a unique insight into the soul of the city, and it’s always worth waking up early to explore them.

Paddington is full of handmade goods and designs from emerging designers; Kirribilli is reserved for art and design; Bondi offers a lot of eats; The Rocks is perfect for souvenir shopping, etc.

explore Sydney

Be moderate with your itinerary

Here’s the best suggestion to keep in mind: don’t bite more than you can chew. Sydney is an iconic city with many sites that are worth visiting. Well, only the harbor has dozens of things every visitor needs to see—The Opera House, The Harbour Bridge, ferry rides, many beaches, etc. These are all worthy of your time, but if your stay is limited, try to cut your itinerary short. The most fool-proof tactic is to divide your day in two.

For instance, your morning might be reserved for Circular Quay walks and your afternoon for Manly. The next morning can be spent on the eastern beaches and your next afternoon in Newton or Potts Point. This will ensure you see a lot of the city and have plenty of time to dedicate to each activity without getting exhausted.

Over to you

Sydney is a super friendly city for all types of travelers. Even though it’s big, it’s very accessible and easy, safe and fun to explore. Mix your transportation options and choose your itinerary wisely—you’re guaranteed to fall in love with Sydney and its harbor by the end of your visit.

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