Extend Tangible Applause for a Job Well Done with These Distinctive Congratulations Gifts

Perhaps a good friend just landed a sought-after job, or your son just got engaged; there are a million and one reasons why you might wish someone congratulations. Also, there are a million and one ways to do it! Taking part, and applauding a friend or family member’s success, doesn’t have to be difficult, and they will appreciate it more than you realize.


When Someone Starts a New Job

Entering a new career role, whether it is a complete career change, or a new position within the same company, can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking, and stressful. Help ease their butterflies by sending positive vibes and an appropriate and lovely gift.

  • Cufflinks – Nothing says style and distinction more than a brand-new pair of gold or silver cufflinks. Add in a coordinating tie clip, and he’s ready for his first day on the job.
  • Coffee Mug – Choose from a plethora of coffee mugs with inspiring quotes and exclamations. “Rise & Shine,” “I’m the Boss,” “Girl Boss,” and “Congrats!” are just a few. Fill the mug with individually wrapped candies to complete the presentation.
  • The Ultimate Celebration Gift Tower. Sweet? Salty? Take your pick! Opening each box, bigger than the last, will be an eye-appealing, taste explosion! Available at the highly esteemed merchant, this pillar of perfection comes complete with, and is definitely not limited to, Soft Vanilla Apple Caramels, Baked in Brooklyn Flatbread Crisps, and Chocolate Chip Cappuccino Cookies.
  • Bonsai Tree – Looking for a gift that offers everlasting, understated beauty? A Bonsai tree improves the elegance of any office desk and will be the source of empowerment, and the focus of silent meditation for years to come.


When a Couple Gets Engaged

Love is in the air! Regardless of whether the couple is in their 20’s or in their 80’s, their love should be celebrated. Getting engaged speaks of the adoration, and the commitment the couple feels toward one another, and the voicing of that love to the world. Gracing the couple with a gift for the occasion, helps you to share in their excitement!

  • Ornaments – No longer just for trees, ornaments can be hung virtually from anywhere, such às on a hooked suction cup, on a window, a floor lamp, or on their own special pedestal. Choose from something simple, or a personalized ornament with the couple’s picture or names on it.
  • Personalized Photo Frame – Celebrate the engagement with a picture of the couple saying “Yes!” Add their names and engagement date to this endearing keepsake.
  • Wine Rack – When a couple gets engaged, they often receive bottle after bottle of wine. Give them somewhere to put them all, and they will love the thoughtfulness and functionality.
  • Bakery & Red Wine Gift Tray. And, speaking of wine, get them started off right with this exceptional goody tray, complete with delectable Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hazelnut Filled Puff Pastry, and Crème Brulee Trail Mix. A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to sip while they enjoy these treats is also included. You can find this heavenly gift at


When Someone Achieves a Personal Best

There is a multitude of reasons why you might want to congratulate someone and they don’t all have to be obvious. Completing a novel, running their first 5K, singing in a recital, and finishing physical therapy, are just a few of the many ways we can seek to validate and encourage one another.

  • Personalized Glassware – Whether it’s a beer stein, wine glasses, or water goblets, a personalized gift is always appreciated.
  • Messenger Bag – An accessory to match any and every style, the messenger bag not only helps with the organization but also speaks of elegance and class.
  • Carino Wine Gift Tray – A 750 ml bottle of Carino semi-sweet red wine sits among Ashers Chocolate Truffles, Snappers Chocolate Caramel Pretzels, Cinnamon Toasted Almonds, and more. A cruncher’s delight, this gift tray clearly says, “Job well done.”
  • Flower Bouquet – Flowers are always a welcome surprise. You’ll want to deliver or send flowers that evoke brightness and light. Consider sunflowers, daisies, tulips, pale roses, carnations, and mums.
  • Personalized Plaques -Make it a point to commemorate your loved one’s success, by creating a personalized plaque for the occasion. Whether it’s a graduation, completing a difficult college course, or taking positive steps toward self-improvement, your confidence in their ability to achieve, will serve to inspire them for years to come.

When you care enough to send a congratulations gift basket, a personalized gift, flowers, or anything else that appropriately signifies the recipient’s achievement, you help to validate their mission and inspire their future success and prosperity.

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