Extreme Tourist Attractions in Nepal

Looking to spend this vacation in Nepal but don’t know how and where to go? In that case, we give you the 7 amazing things to do in Nepal without trekking so just go through the article.

A trip to Nepal usually rings a bell of heaven with glimpses of snow peaks running around the head. It is what defines Nepal as most people only come up with trekking whenever think of holiday adventures.

So, of course, Nepal is known for mountain climbing but many other attractions draw visitors all year round. Its bustling cities filled with rich histories and artifacts from centuries have travelers going back in time and learning about Nepal.

People from all over the world pour into Nepal to explore or study the diverse culture. Most of them even stroll the streets of Kathmandu to interact with locals and learn about the heritage and arts.

There are a bunch of religious significant places such as Lumbini and Bouddhanath Stupa which also invite visitors. Even Pashupatinath hosts hundreds and thousands of visitors each year and lets them have a view of the holy temple from outside.

Other than that, Nepal has an array of nerve-wracking activities to offer adventure enthusiasts. With trekking atop, it provides numerous other extreme activities that include rock climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking. In a lower region, there are wildlife reserves and conservations that allow wildlife exploration and jungle safari.

It’s quite impossible to do all of them in a single visit to Nepal. Therefore, we’ve listed 7 amazing things to do in Nepal without trekking in our article.

7 Amazing things to do in Nepal without Trekking

1. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

It cannot be denied that Everest Base Camp is a life force of Nepal’s trekking. Without it, no list of trips is complete, leaving one fulfilling and revelry. Beyond glorious, Everest Base Camp is adventurous and full of thrills even when not trekking the trail.

And that’s what the Everest Helicopter tour is all about, embracing comfort. Trekkers, opting for a Heli trip won’t have to go through long trails or ascend steep hills. All they will be doing is to hire an aircraft and choose to pay as per the service offered.

Everest Base Camp Heli tour doesn’t mind getting the weeks-long trek done in a fraction of the time. The trip doesn’t last more than 4-5 hours during which trekkers will be flying above base camp and Mt Everest.

The flight comes with a feast of grand snow peak views, running glaciers, and landscapes when landing on Kala Patthar. As an alternative, travelers can care for doing the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour. It too has an incredible view of Annapurna Massif and wild landforms to offer hikers.

2. White water Rafting

Feel the adrenaline rush and continuous splash of water rinse the face with white water rafting. It’s a thrilling adventure where the rapid rivers of Nepal drive rafters through narrow gorges and pass encompassing scenic views.

Sailing in an inflatable boat down the rushing water takes the traveler on an epic journey immersing in unparalleled rewards. And unlike other nations, visitors won’t even have to bother finding a perfect location for river rafting.

They can travel anywhere from the nearby city of Kathmandu to the farthest distance for recreational activities. Given its easy accessibility, Trishuli River is reckoned as an ultimate destination for white water rafting.

But, you can even toss your raft on the Seti and Marsyangdi Rivers as the water here favors the sport. Most rafters spend a day paddling the boat in the river but you can choose to stay up to a week or more.

3. Ziplining

Nepal has used its unique topography and land formation to the best by promoting dramatic sports like Ziplining. This recreation activity is rated as one of the most extreme activities for thrill-seekers coming with wild landscapes of luscious forests and hilltops.

Ziplining involves gliding on a suspended cable with the pulley lugging through a sloppy rope course. Several places in Nepal offer ziplining to travelers. However, the Highground Zip flyer take-off station is one of the finest places to incline the steep hills.

It’s the longest and steepest zip line with a 1.8km length and a vertical drop of 600 meters. Gliding through the line, flyers can glance at the beauty of Annapurna and even relish the landscapes.

If you don’t want to travel as far as Pokhara then go after Dhulikhel Zipline since it too has 1100 meters long cable. Starting from 60 km per hour you can reach the speed of up to 90 km/hr with the zipline.

4. Bungee Jumping

For anyone wishing to free fall and take a leap of faith with soul-stirring adventure, try out Bungee Jumping of Nepal. The thrill involved in the sport is extreme even if you’re tied by a safety cord and harness. Adventurers can sense the real pressure of diving from a more than five hundred feet tall bridge.

If you go through options, there are endless places that take care of this extreme sport. Yet, the one that proves to be the finest and most popular site for Bungee is Bhote Koshi. It’s close to Kathmandu and can be approached in the blink of an eye. Jumping the 160 meters high suspension bridge has an equal share of electrifying challenges.

But it also brings a lot of fun with a pristine landscape view and dense forest. If you’re not delighted doing the tallest bungee jumping from The Last Resort then why not go for Hemja, Pokhara? Tucked in the middle of soaring hills, High Ground Business Station is also popular with bungee jumping.

5. Jungle Safari

Wildly different from the Himalayas, Inner Terai Lowlands has jungle safari to offer visitors. It doesn’t entail daredevil stunts or drops from a height and still, the jungle safari in Nepal is more fun to have than any regular adventure.

This recreation activity will quench your desire to explore the country in its unspoiled form. Visitors can ride an Elephant or traverse through a jeep to watch the natural habitat of different wild animals.

Chitwan National Park is one of the favorite places to stop by for jungle safari. It’s UNESCO’s world heritage site and also home to at least 700 species of wild animals. Visitors can find just about anything from mugger crocodiles to spotted linsangs and sloth bears.

Even on the busiest day, they can have a glimpse of subtropical vegetation. You can find Saccharum Ravenna and Kans grass at various places since about one-fourth of the Park area is covered with Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands. For more possibilities, we have Bardiya National Park and even Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

6. Paragliding

Wanna know what it’s like to soar above a thousand feet high and sneak a look at mountains then Paragliding is the one for you. It allows the adventurer to hover like a bird and take a look around the changing landscapes, picturesque valleys, and woodlands.

Pokhara is the place where all adventure begins and so does paragliding. You can see dozens of paragliders every noon zipping over the city of Pokhara. At 2.4 km away from Pokhara, Sarangkot launches the unpowered paragliders from 1592 meters elevation.

Despite the fear it brings out, paragliding doesn’t need advanced training or experience. Anyone can do it easily without any training or experience.

7. Fishing in Nepal

A favorite with anglers and non-hikers, fishing is another great way to make Nepal’s visit-worthy. It escapes the city hustle and provides travelers with a tranquil backdrop needed for fishing. Just one step out of the city and travelers will find themself with rivers everywhere.

As one of the richest countries in water resources, Nepal offers abundant rivers and streams ideal for fishing. Water inlet formed from the sweeping glaciers of the Himalayas is the main draw for visitors. They are nutritious feeding on which different genus fish thrive and grow.

Trishuli is one of those places in Nepal where visitors flock to catch a lot of fish. Anglers are also destined to find large fishes including Golden Mahseer and Trout in the Tamor and Balephi Rivers.

Not that you don’t know but anglers have to have the right gears to prey on these gentle fish. Any fishing rod and reel combo with high tensile strength is apt to fight the hasty rivers of Nepal. Shakespeare Ugly Stik is one of the best brands for spinning rods and reels so you can have one from it. As for monofilament fishing line, trust Kastking as their lines are abrasion resistant and have strong visibility.

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