Eye Care Tips for Perfect Vision

Let’s face it, our vision is definitely the most important sense that we possess, as it enables us to see our surroundings; can you imagine how it must feel to be without sight? For most, this is a terrible thought, and rather than simply taking our sight for granted, we should all take good care of our eyes and our eyesight with the following tips.

  • Diet is critical – The eyes require a long list of essential nutrients and these can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables; drink plenty of water as dehydration affects the optic nerves. Of course, a balanced diet is important for overall health & well-being, not just the eyesight; search with Google for more information about diet and eye-care.
  • Monitor your weight – Overweight people are at higher risk of developing diabetes and this can impact your eyesight. There are many diets out there and finding one that works for you can seem like a real challenge; trial and error would be one way to find a diet plan that helps you maintain your target weight and not add on a few pounds.
  • Stay active – Eye problems can be caused by high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and enjoying an active lifestyle will reduce the risks of these things occurring. Of course, some people have a very active lifestyle and they look for the odd occasion when they can take a rest; the rest of us, however, need to make sure that our body receives enough activity to stay in shape. Check out the thousands of keep-fit videos on YouTube; or you could sign up for a course at your local gym, where you will meet like-minded people.
  • Know your family medical history – Many eye problems are genetically dispositioned; check with your parents and relatives, asking about glaucoma and other eye issues and if there is a history of eye-related disease, visit your local opticians in Loftus where the experts can take a look at your overall eye health.
  • Wear polarised sunglasses – The Sun’s harmful UV rays can be blocked out with polarised sunglasses and as a matter of course, you should only wear polarised sunglasses that have a UV rating of 400., which offers total protection. If you search online, you’ll find unbreakable sunglasses of the highest quality that actually come with a lifetime guarantee! They are so cheap, you can afford to buy 3 or 4 pairs. If you ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, you should always wear sunglasses to prevent insect impact; protect your eyes at all times, as they are obviously critical.
  • Don’t overuse your eyesight – If you are a graphic designer or an air traffic controller, there is a tendency to spend hours staring at a digital screen; follow the rule of 20 minutes on- 5 minutes eye rest – focus on things far away during the time you are looking away from your screen and when you are doing something important that involves working on your computer, take regular eye breaks. Click here for tips when choosing a healthcare professional, which might prove to be very useful.
  • Visiting a local optician – Some people need to wear glasses, yet they are unaware of this, which can cause headaches and eye strain. If you have trouble reading small text, pay your local optician a visit and have them test your eyesight. If you do need glasses, the optician can create a couple of pairs while you wait, plus they stock all the best contact lenses, if you would prefer.
  • General eye care – If you are handy around the house, always wear protective eyewear when using power tools, also when using a lawn mower or strimmer. Welding presents a danger to the eyes and you should always wear special glasses when using any form of welding equipment. Most people have a plastic eye-wash unit and some solution in the bathroom that helps to rinse out the eyes from time to time, which is a recommended practice for all. If you suffer any eye discomfort, make an appointment with your local eye-specialist who can pinpoint the cause.
  • Avoid smoking – Smokers have an increased chance of developing cancers and macular degeneration; we all know that tobacco products can cause lung cancer, yet eye-related diseases can also be the result of smoking, so quit, or at very least, change to chewing nicotine gum.

As we age, our eyesight deteriorates and those in their fifties should be having their eyes tested regularly, wearing glasses to correct any short or long sightedness. The Australian government offers useful information about eye-care which we should all read and by taking the above advice into account, you can take good care of your eyes and enjoy 20/20 vision for the rest of your life.

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